Dec 31, 2009

happy 2010

Thought of posting something on the last day of 2009 but I lost tract of time just now.Too busy with my final case.Final!Yeah.Wait.We'll get into that just in a while.


A lot had happened in my life in this dearly and almost hellish year of 2009.Most of the important events in my life happened this year.And believe it or not,it'd come to an end.

Well,I don't wish to write back every single thing happened in 2009 right now.But,whatever happened,it ain't that easy to forget what I went through.Lots of new,happy,depreesed,scary,unbelievable,bitchy,miracle.Oh wait!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!ok.balik alarm just remind it's new year =P.okok. miracle..hopeless,surviving,leaving,meeting,surprises,missing and yeah I can keep the list go on and on.I mean,you get it right?I believe everyone faces almost the same thing just in different way.So no big deal for me tell it out loud mine.,2010.

Can't hope for much.I'm not usually the one with target.I just wanted to live my life the fullest so I won't regret anything here in this world and absolutely in the life after.I just want to be happy and make everyone around me happy.Cause I believe,when you're happy,you're full of love.And when you're full of love,obviously,you'll do your very best and never bitch around.Right?Ain't that is what people seek through all their life?I't's not that hard to get.But I believe people often waste it just like that.

ok.Enought with my self thought towards the world or whatever you call it.

Finals are just around the corner!Can you believe it?I mean.It felt like only yesterday my family sent me here and now I'll be having my finals in a month.And then I'll be in semester 2!InsyaAllah.My God,giler bapak cepat masa neyh!

Humm.That is pretty much what I wanna post this time.I just wanna wish my family happy new year.I'm sorry I can't text.I'm running out of kredit.I've been saving for my winter break anyway.Holidayy!Jom ge jalan! >.< [xle balik msia lepas gian holiday kt alex. =P].

to all my friends:happy new year guys!believe it or not,we're turning 19 soon,so yeah.Bigger responsibility,bla bla bla.I know.May you guys have a happy and blessful year ahead.InsyaAllah..

Dec 25, 2009

what is this?

I just don't get how this thing goes and it really kills my brain cells thinking about it.


ok.That's all I guess

oh.ym-ed with mom last night.miss her =)

p/s:I don't think I spent a lot every month but I always saved a lot less then I should be saving and I don't know why!da brp lama x bli shawl.window shop pn x lagi nk belanja.Dear money,why are you leaving me??

Dec 22, 2009

50,Jln Belibis 10

I miss home so much.

I miss my purple room.
I miss my bookshelves.
I miss mom's garden.
I miss dad's old sportage.
I miss our fridge.
I miss our living room.
I miss mom's 'taman bunga' inside that small room.
I miss mom's new flower arrangement.
I miss my brother's stinking room.
I miss TV.
I miss mom's most comfortable bed.
I miss my parents bedroom.
I miss my mom's little library.
I miss mom's korean vcd collection.
I miss our automatic washing machine.
I miss everything at home that I couldn't evern remember what I miss.
I've never left home for so long and I'm damn missing that place so much.
Da laa baru 3 bulan.I've got 7 more months to go.
I miss home so much.

p/s:that pic was not taken at my house.somewhere in my aunt's house.never even beem there.neway,wish my bros will upload some of my house's pics.lama x tengok uma..

Dec 19, 2009


blame this retarded GMN's internet for giving such an 'exclusive' service for us.I'm tired of hoping for internet everytime I turn my laptop on.Thank you very much.

Let see.Alot had happened all this while.Not much of a big thing but yeah, little-everyday-stuff.Oh!Had my mid sem exam and the result was,..umm I think I deserve it KOT.Ntahlaa.But things happened.Nothing we can do about it.bla bla bla.I'm just gonna focus on my finals now.Yoshh!Fighting!

Umm ok.Oh yeah..I'm totally crazy of shane west and 'a walk to remember' right now.Okok.I know that movie was so last season but seriously,I can't get enough of it.Copied it from daiya and was planning to watch it after mid sem but,hihi can't stand the wait laa.Hey,don't blame me.Shane west is too tempting!So I've watched it for atleast 3 times since mid sem.And was planning too watch it again after this case finished.Can't wait!

Guess I don't really have much to say.Miss my bros so much.Asal korang lama x on9?KL tade wireless ke?Soh abah bli satu lagi broadband laa.Cancel je kakak nyer.Bukan bole gune pun..

Btw,can't believe it's december already.Semalam da satu muharam.Happy new year everyone.May Allah bless you always and have a happy year ahead =)

p/s:can't wait to copy gossip girl from ikyn.tunggu hbs final eah.sabar eah dida

Nov 24, 2009

Am I asking for too much?

I miss everyone at home.Raya is so near and for some reason,I kinda feel sad for not having them with me.I feel so far from them.I know.I'm not supposed to even think of thinking something like this.But tell you what,try living hundred thousands miles away in a land full of huge and strange people and try stopping yourself from thinking about coming back home anytime sooner.It's just sad.Having this feeling of being far away.Too far from everyone at home.

Friends are great.Yes,I really thank God for that.I couldn't asked for more from them.I've no idea how am I ever will survive here without them.Things are hard.Well,ofcourse.But knowing that friends are here kinda make me feel safer,surviving,and just keep hanging on.

There isn't much I can really do about life.I'm just trying hard to hold on and actually make it in life.I can't afford to let my family down.They've done too much for me.

Okok.Dida.Enough with it.Get your book and start studying.Enough with all this mushy things.You've got a lot in your plate right now.Mid term exam in two weeks. T___T takotttt.Da eah.Sudah2.

p/s:tak sabar nk g bli shawl and cardigan baru.Yeay~ sempat lagi tu.Ish3 haha!

p/s to atem and aziq:nak balik uma maktok gak weyh.and make sure akem x amek tempat kakak.Hummpph! [pendengki gler =P]

p/s to daiya:hummm kalau chocolate boy vs habibi kat msia,i sokong ur habibi!haha!ok merepek lak.Sorry!just being honest hihi

p/s to ikyn:Aku sayang ko weyh.Jangan arr sedeh2 sangat,nanti aku pun sedeh =(

p/s to sabe:aku nk bli shawl and please make sure aku bli shawl.I need really need a new shawl.hihi

Nov 19, 2009

to this little dude of mine

Sometimes,things might not happened the way we want.Well,not sometimes,most of the time actually.So,went things just totally went upside down,look on the brighter side,everyone faces the same thing too!

Don't be too sad dude.Trust yourself.And most importantly,trust Allah.I know I may not be the right person to say this.I'm full of shits myself but sometimes,when things went totally upside down,there's always something brighter than the lights actually waits for you on the other side.You just need to walk there and open the door.

One thing that I never doubt in this life is that Allah never leaves me alone.So if He didn't give you what you want this time,He'll give you something else.Maybe something much better.He's not leaving you,He's just helping you in different way.Never stops praying cause He ALWAYS listens.OK?

Just chill out.Upsr is NOT[!] everything.I've seen people who used to get 5A's but was not in college and people with no A's probably doing something big in university now.So just forget about it.NOBODY is dissapointed in you.Everyone loves you just for who you are.Chill out ok.Nanti kakak balik msia kte g lepak tebrau.tengok wayang ke shopping ke whatever laa.I'll drive.Illegally mwahaha!Chill ok.I was never a bright student too.Kte sama je.Yang pandai dolce sorang je.Haha!

p/s:cakap ngn akem klu nk dtg JB takle dok tempat kakak =P hihi

Nov 18, 2009

It's back;the baaaa in me =)

Thank you Allah.
Thank you mak and abah.
Thank you atem and aziq.
Thank you maklang and paklang.
Thank you dearest friends-esp sabe,daiya,ikyn,kak mira and kak aula.

I love beautiful words.But somehow,I can't seemed to find any other beautiful words other than a simple plain 'thank you'.Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,thank you.Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick.And alhamdulillah,now I'm better and back being me.Thank you for being patience with me.Thank you for never leaving me alone.Thank you.And above all,thank you Allah ILYSM =)

To aziq,good luck for your result.Chill out ok.Things will be just fine.InsyaAllah. Just let me know as soon as you get the result.I don't care if we're 6 hours different and I'm supposed to be on bed.Just text me,miss call me,email me,comment me on ms or in my blog,buzz me or whatever.You're not living in a cave so let me know.I'll be waiting for you.Haha!Chill ok.You have my doa from egypt.Hihi insyaAllah.

p/s:I had nasi+serunding+telur as my first dish after I sihat.Hihi alhamdulillah =)

Nov 13, 2009


Kalau Allah beri aku peluang tuk makan even just one dish,
...................................................................Aku cuma nak makan nasi+serunding+telur goreng je.

Ya Allah,please help me get trough this.Please help me be stronger.Amin.

p/s:Aku tahu Allah hanya beri ujian seberat mana yang Dia tahu kita boleh menanggungnya.I just need His help.I can't do this alone.

Nov 10, 2009

I really need a handsome brain surgeon

I'm trying real hard here to actually post something.I've been writing and deleting for the past 15 minutes and I'm starting to lose my nerves.I have things to say but I don't know how to say it.And it's really bugging my brain!

I'm not sure how to put it but let's just try.Have you ever feel so stupid and idiot and brainless and so damn guilty for trying to help your friend get a girl?And supposedly that girl is your friend too.I mean seriously!For God's sake I still remember those times when he texted me LATE night just to talk about her.He replied me so fast when she's the topic.He even started and ended every conversation with her as the topic.And now?Don't even ask me what it is cause I don't freaking hell know.

This thing is really giving me a brain damage.I can't talk to him cause she didn't really talk to me.So I don't really know the real story.I can't asked him what the friggin' hell he was thinking if I'm not talking to him cause I don't really know what happened.See what this thing done to my half-damaged brain?I just can't do something and it's really rupturing my brain!

Ok.It wasn't always bad with this two lovebirds but sometimes things just got way over the line and I feel like a total idiot stranded on a deserted island not having a clue of what to do.

I'm trying hard not to take anyone's side cause they are both my friends.But I just can't do anything if I don't hear what happen from both sides.I'm not backing anyone.I just need to hear what they both thought and feel.Because for some reason,I think I'm starting to understand them and I need to think and act based on who they are.(seriously,if you're having troble to understand this,I get it).

Can anyone help me?Please?Or you can just find me a really handsome brain surgeon so I can be with him under OT for hours!

p/s:I'm starving but I can't swallow a thing.Dearest Allah,please lend me little of your ability to chew for me.Even just for a while.I begged of you.Amin.

Nov 7, 2009


I really wish I'm strong enough to get through this.I really wish I won't break apart.I don't know if I can really do this.Sometimes,I just feel like it's really tough and hard to survive here.

My sore throat ain't getting better.It had been like this for the past three days and it's really painful.I can't swallow anything.It even hurt just to talk.I need to go to the clinic.Even I don't know the risk I'm taking for going there.But I have to.I need some painkiller or whatever fast.I can't get my case done with the headache and this painful sore throat.And I have pbl tomorrow.Camne nih..

But thank God for giving me such lovely friends.I couldn't ask for more from them.They have been taking a really good care of me.If I were mom I wouldn't be worry for my sick daughter if she would have such friends.I mean seriously,they tried every single way to help me get better and I'm really grateful for having them with me right now.Things are hard here,yes.But having them with me somehow make things easier.So,especially to daiya,sabe and ikyn,thank you so much.Aku saaaaaaayang korang.And kak mira and kak aula too.Hihi.Nk group hug!Nanti aku habiskan makanan safwa and baby arip tu eah.Thank you!

For some reason I feel bad for not doing anything for them.I wish I can give something for them too.But I'm pretty much incapable of many things.Sighhh I must be soo pathetic.

p/s:to my two bros,enjoy the keropok pedas in kuantan.You have no idea how hard it is to get anything pedas here.So,be grateful!hihi

Nov 4, 2009

Nak matahari malaysia bole?

My head is killing me.
I'va been taking in like 4 tablets of actifast panadol for the past three days.
And my head is still burning.
My throat felt like swelling.
It hurts all the time.
I keep telling and forcing myself to get up and get working.
I just simply eat everytime I feel like falling asleep.
Atleast I'm awake while eating.
Texted mom last night.
Malaysia was around 0400am I think.
I can't stand it.
My head was really burning.
Sorry mak.
She gave me a few tips.
Tried it,and still,my head is burning like hell!
So I passed out around 1100pm.
I haven't finished studying.
I still heven't even touch anything on my second case.
And I have MCQ in 4 hours!
I'm so dead.
I wished they cancelled today's MCQ.
And I hoped today will be warmer.
Maybe something about the weather that boiled my head and burnt my throat.
Uhh I don't know..
I really should be studying on my cases.
Daiya and sabe seemed pretty well prepared.
I mean seriously,I bet daiya just slept like one hour ago after studying the whole night last night.
Mati laa kne condemned ngan arab nanti..

p/s:Seriosly,I need soxworld.Jom g cairo kawan2!

Nov 2, 2009

worse than a bad hair day!

This post was supposed to be on 1st of november.I'm a little late.Haha!
(please laa dida.who give a damn about it?duhhh)

My head is killing me.
It had been like this for the past 8 hours.
I have to stop taking in this brain function distortion and body regulation distruption drugs or I'll pass out in anytime.
But I need them.
To stay awake.
But I can't stand the side effect.
Felt like my head is burning.
Tak pena2 minum caffein kat uma sampai cini sebulan da terjebak.

Ok.So today's pbl was sucks.For real.Even our doctor commented that today's discussion was "very ineffective".Tak tau laa what's the consequence but I hope tak payah repeat.I'm sick of bacteria already.And I can't stand helminths.Geli!

My mood started off quite ok this morning untill I'm in pbl room.Mood spoiler btol.Salah sangat ke?Tak memahami laa!Just because you're 2 weeks earlier than me did not prove in any way that you're better than anyone.Uhh!Da laa.Malas nk tambah dosa yg da byk nie.I can look for help from others laa.I can even find it for myself.It's ok kalau tak nak bagi pun.Just don't let the bitch in me talking cause you won't like it.I still have my patience with me right now.

And seriously,I just don't get the arabs laa.I mean ok fine if you wish to point out your fact.But do you mind show a little respect to the person who's supposed to be pointing their fact?I mean,manners please!We don't mind arguing over a fact just don't simply butt in rudely in the middle of the discussion.Nanti kuar the "shut-your-damn-butt-up-and-listen-to-me-talking" part kuar from us,nyesal satu group ngan malizi.

Uhh!Cabaran btol arr.I hope for no arabs in my group for next sem.I can't stand them laa.Rude gler kot.Kalau yang baik tuu scarily baik sampai nak cakap bye pun susah.Ntahlaa.Krisis hidup btol.All I know,I just want some sleep.My head is boiling and I'm freaking cold!Nak tido sebelah daiya laa.Boleh daiya?Haha!

p/s:camne nk masok toilet nie?Frost bite laa kaki nie T____T

Oct 30, 2009

I need soxworld

internet nie tekanan!

adehh..Ok fine.bersyukur dida..

So,umm pbl was ok kot.But I missed two cases so there's a lot of catching up to do and so little time!My third case was ok.Just left with two more objectives and I'm done.Hurrah!But I have MCQ this sunday.Adehh baru berangan nak tengok ugly truth arie nie.

Umm I don't know why but I really wish to talk to some stranger I met on street and just tell her/him whatever I'm feeling right now.I can't find the person who actually wants to listen to my crap about crap things.So I thought "why not go to a stranger and tells everything.after all she's/he's just a stranger.she/he won't judge me".Kan?Nak cakap ngan someone I know punye susah.Cakap ngan arab pun tape.Dyorang tak paham ape kte cakap and vice versa.Nak kutuk pun bole depan2.No hal.


Ok enough with the drama and everything.I should start working on my case right now.Microorganism and antibiotics,mana nak cari..adehh.berusaha dida!fighting!

p/s:nak mandi tapi tak sanggup nak bukak socks nie.Sejukkkkk!!

Oct 27, 2009

bening kebala..

Umm ok so manchester was ok.kot.Atleast until today.Esok ade pbl and I have no idea how that thing actually works.Da laa half of the group arab.Mesti kne penyek ngan dyorang. T__T.Eh tak2.I can do this.I may be small but I'm not weak.Fighting!

But somehow system dy pelik and very [!] different from regular.Kalau regular tuu sampai begging doctor soh benti.Macam tepu otak dengar lecture 5 hours straight.Da laa doctor dy punye english gler arab btol.And being there in those classes,made me really understand why doctor's handwriting suck.Mine was getting worse too.Haha.Yelaa.Yang dy tau dy tulis sama speed dengan yang dy cakap.They didn't give a damn if you don't have any clue what they're writing.But ofcourse you can always come to them anytime in the department laa.

Manchester.Hihi.Nak ketawa pun ade gak.Class dy approximately 2 jam sehari.Satu minggu dapat satu case and you'll solve the case with you're group.Tapi lecture dy sehari sejam je.Like baru nak warm up da habis daa.Macam tak sempat nak ngantuk.kalau regular,tak minum nescafe,memang by 0300pm da start mimpi.Haishh but my group ntahlaa.I have no idea who they are and how they get things done.Tengok laa dulu camne nanti.I can do this.Fighting!

Urghh!!I still have two unsolved cases and I'm getting new case tomorow!T__T kne nescafe lagi ke nie?I need a stronger but a less effect drug.Ikyn,prescribe something tuk aku."To be a pharmacist is to love drugs".Haha.Kem salam je laa lecturer ko..

Huh..da tatau nk tulis ape.I really should get my case done.Bening kebala arr.Baru sehari miss nescafe da kne effect.Adehh..

p/s:alamak lupa nk bli pendrive lagi.Da gelap pulak..

Oct 25, 2009

tortous emotion

First of all,

Daiya,please update your blog.Now.Dilwa'ty.

Ok.Serious mode.Huhh..I'm so not in the mood for blogging but I really need to spill this hellish and whatever-ish thing inside my damn pumping organ in my chest.Tak kira laa muscle ape nk contract or relax.Just wish to let it out.Huhh..

I change my course just now.I don't know why but I kept thinking whether I'm doing the right thing or not.I'm still doing medic.Yes.Tukar program laa actually.Mom had been asking me to change since the past a week but I said no.I thought I can do a regular program.Tapi..Ntahlaa.I don't get it.Tak sempat nak sembahyang istikarah pun.Pape laa.InsyaAllah I'm on the right track.I'll pray hard for His help.

Ok.Da.Nak cakap tuu je.Suddenly my pumping organ works better now.Impulse sampai kat spinal chord dengan btol kot.I don't know.Whatever laa.My brain and body works just fine.InsyaAllah.My bones je yang tak grow.Sighh [tetiba emo.I don't get it].

I'll stop before I start crapping again.See ya.


Mom's leaving today.I'm not really as sad as I was in KLIA but still.I have no idea when I'll see her again.I'll miss her.

Yes.Mom came to cairo last monday and was in mansoura for around 5 days before she went back to cairo and then back to KL.Not much time together but still she flew thousands miles and spent thousands on this trip.And we spent good times together to.Haha.

Dapat makan kari!Yeah.So malaysia!Haha.Heaven kot dapat makan kari mak.Went shopping for some groceries too and was so missing those times when I don't need to price check on every items before buying it.Sigh.Me and housemates went for an over night at mom's hotel.Tak tau laa camne nk describe that night.Let's just let it be between people involved that night ok.

Urghh..Felt so sinful for being infront of the laptop instead of my books.But I can't resist it.Pagi2 laju internet dy.Lagipun I just wanna post ckit je.Nak try upload gambar if possible.Hehe.Uhh I miss malaysia.I miss abah,atem,aziq and dolce like hell.Ok2 stop it dida.Da2.

Hemm I'm out of words to say.I'll just try uploading my pics laa.

p/s:none of the pictures taken was in my place.haha.nanti laa amek gmbar dapan gama'ah.Haha!bek straight g galak aje =P

Oct 19, 2009

umm have a lot to say but I can't seem to find the words.ok.start balik.umm.hibernating sekejap.

ok.ok.annoyed.I'm in egypt(HaHa!ape nyer intro nie).3 weeks of totally hibernating in a totally strange land full of totally strange people.Haha.Ok.ehem2.get a grip dida!

I'm speechless,wordless but I have everything to say.

okla.I'll make it quick k.mereka nk balik da.

hi to every homies.haha.miss you guys so damn much!
hi and hugs to my family.especially mom,dad and bros!love you guys like hell!

ok.ok.da tatau nk cakap ape daa.hibernating.bye guys..

Sep 28, 2009

leaving in less then 24 hours

I'm not sure why,but I'm not really freaking the hell out like I thought I would be.Bukan laa sampai tade rase takot langsong,but I just thought I'd be seriously cuak by now but I'm not.Does that considered as normal?Well,whatever.I'm using my every chance I have to use my super duper convenient broadband.Though tenet nie tak selaju wireless kat uma,atleast bole pakai.Tenet hotel nie bodo.Kne login 2000x baru bole.Chet!

So I just finished packing [not really 100% done,duhh..] just now.I planned on calling all my friends earlier tonight[september 28].Just to say goodbye.Not hoping much.But,like I said,just to say goodbye.I guess I'm too busy packing and buying [still!] some stuffs that it's kinda too late to call them now [september 29!]But I'll call them later in the morning.It's the least I can do for my dearest friends.

So I just got texts from bal from EGYPT haha!macam bangga pun ada gak dapat text dari sana.And kteorang reply speed macam bese je.Macam kat malaysia gak.I wished to ask him tons of questions but I guess he might be busy calling his mom and ofcourse he needs some rest too.Mesti jet lag tuu macam gler.13 hours in flight should be normal for jet lag kan?I did asked him a few question.Haha.Ko macam sedeh je kat sana bal.Haha.Here's a few things I asked him

dida:cairo camne?tempat dy lawa tak?
bal:tade ape sangat.JB lagi lawa kot.

dida:dyorang bawak g pyramid tak kat cairo?
bal:gmn penipu.tengok pyramid dari jauh je.
dida:laa aku baru berangan nak pegang.
bal:berangan je sudah..

dida:rumah ko bes?
bal:okla.aku dapat uma baru

dida:tenet ada kat uma?
bal:agy 3 minggu baru dapat kat uma

dida:bes tak tempat kteorang tuu?
bal:banyak sgt habuk arr kalau nk jalan2

dida:korang wat ape je dalam flight?bes tak?
bal:nak wat ape agy.makan tido makan tido makan tido je laa

...and a few others.See what I meant?Cam tak happy je.Bagi arr semangat ckit orang nk fly.Ape daa.Orang baru nak excited nak tengok cairo.Banyak agy nie sebenarnya nak tanye dy.Especially pasal luggage.My luggage looks like it's gonna explode in anytime.Haha.

Anyway,need to be at the airport by 0700pm tomorow I mean,tonight.Ape daa awal sangat.Flight kol 1145pm.Adehh..Tapi flight ktorang paling ramai.Dengar citer dak2 MARA yang wat medic pun pegi sama flight.Bgos2.Bole berkenalan ciap2.Haha.Tp rasanya most of dak MARA either g cairo unversity or alexandria university.Memang both are among the universities yang urban ckit laa.Sebab dyorang tengah bandar.Yang lain sume unversity kat a small town je.Mine pun cam tuu gak.Tape laa.Kalau blaja medic,kat mana skali pun kuar tetap jadi doctor gak kan.Bukan jadi bnde lain.

I think that's all for now.Ngantuk suda.And my back hurts so much.Sakit packing plus it's that time of the month.Sakit...Da laa esok nk travel.Lagi laa sakit.Aduhh..If I'm not blogging for the next three weeks,I guess this is my last post from malaysia.And I'm not quite sure when I'll post from dear malaysia too.I'm gonna miss this place so much!


It's 0705am.I'm in KL and wide awake.I still have a few things left to take care of before I fly.I'm not done with packing yet.I guess I'll get it real done when I'm leaving in a few hours.Uhh..I'm leaving tomorow [tomorow!].And I'm so freaking out right now.Aduhh tros sakit prot bile citer pasal flight.

I wished my closest family goodbye yesterday.Umm nk kata sedeh,tak sedeh sgt.Somehow,I felt rather 'bersemangat' nk fly.Haha.Chik wished me good luck and called me dr khalidah.It's kinda creepy when my own family called me that.Macam takot kalau tak dapat jadi nanti dyorang kecewa sangat.Maktok cried when she hugged me.I hold back my tears.I don't wanna cry.I'm not leaving them.I'm just away for some time.I shouldn't be crying right?

But somehow,I miss my brother atem already.I supposed we planned to go for a walk and maybe a little shopping at bukit bintang on my birthday night.But we couldn't make it.We went back to KL at sunday.Mana sempat.Dy da nk kne masok dorm balik daa.Thought of asking him a few stuffs for my birthday.And having a walk with him at bukit bintang should be a blast.Jalan2,tengok orang pelik2,kutuk2 orang,gado ngan makcik jual barang ke.Haha bes woo.I like shopping with him.He may not be the best fashion critics for me but he's one person I'll never think twice to go shop with.Haha.Tape laa.Kalau korang g egypt nanti kte jalan kat sana je laa. [comforting myself =( ]

Aziq,haha.He's our so-called 'peacemaker' in the family.Dengan bising dy,clumsy dy,he could really ruin your day.But on the other hand,he's one person you can really laugh your lungs out with.Kelembapan dy ternyata menghiburkan.Haha.Nak joke dengan dy pun agak susah sebab dy lambat paham.Ape daa.Tapi dy open ckit.Kalau ngan atem ade certain things yang we're not discussing but him,you can talk about everything.We may be 6 years apart from each other,but hey,you'll never know what you can actually talk to your 12 years old brother ok.Pape pun,he's my only hope of getting my daily updates with dolce.Mom's not very good with technology.Haha.No offence.

I don't wish to say goodbye yet.I wanna write more post before I fly.In fact,I'm thinking of writing one in airport.I wonder how kLiA looks like.It's been a few years since I last went there.Last pegi pun masa amek mak and abah from haji.And that was in 2003?Aiport subang bese laa.Airport tuu kecik je.Tapi da renovate.Da lawa.Hehe.Atem cakap kalau I'm not wearing my specs bole sesat gak laa.Nak tengok signboard dy takot tak nmpk.Da laa my vision makin trok.Especially at night.Adehh..

Sep 26, 2009

I'm 18!

Yeay!Happy birthday to me.I'm finally 18!Haha da besa da pun [well not physically that's for sure].Anway,I don't quite remember the last time I really had a birthday blast.But I don't mind.I don't need one.Having my family and friends wishing me their best wishes is all I'm asking and actually looking forward to!Haha.I love birthday wishes!I like wishing birthday and I like having my own birthday wish.It simply because it means someone remembers my birthday no matter where they are x).

Ok.On the other hand,some of my friends are on their way to egypt right now.Yeah.I know I'm allowed to freak out at this moment.I thought of leaving with this flight at first.I wished to have my birthday in a plane for a change.Haha.But most of my close friends are leaving on 29th,so I change my mind.Let's have fun in our trip guys!Kte kasik stewardess tuu bening ok?HaHa!OK.I should freaking out right now.Guess I'm too happy cause it's my birthday.Bal,aku nak hadiah made in egypt tau.Mama,aku tunggu wish ko dari cairo k.Easan,ko pun bek ready hadiah tuk aku au.Hehe [tak malu mintak hadiah =P]

Anyway,I miss my dearest friends in JB so much.Teringin nak jumpe korang arr.Yan especially.Agaknya lagi setahun laa baru jumpe eah yan T__T.Has,let see bile kali terakhir we meet eah?Ok.I can't recall =.=".Aduhh..I wish you all the best ye.Niesa,walaupun tak dapat buka puasa sesama,kire ok laa dyorg dtg uma beraya an.That is super cool.And you didn't tell me about ayap.Tapi tape laa.I'm glad everything's ok.Syu,I nk tengok laa your crocodile land.Post laa gmbr dy.Haha.Pja,umm ade boyfriend baru,let me know ok.Jangan simpan snsorang =P.Syarfa,for some reason,I think you're the kind of person that could end up as a doctor =) Berusaha ye.Fighting!And to the rest of my friend,I love you guys so much!And,selalu2 laa update blog ok.Kte skype sesama kalau ade masa eah =).Keep in touch ok.

p/s:ingat nk tulis post pendek je.Tetiba TERpanjang.Haha

Sep 25, 2009

I just got offered for a job!

ahahaha!Seriously,I'm not kidding when I said I just got a job offer.There's this doctor wants me to work for him after graduated!The thing is,I'm not yet leaving to study.Ahahaha!Ape daa.Tapi doctor tuu quite fun arr.He gave me his name card.Said to call him everytime I feel like I start loosing my head.

Ok so how the hell did I get this job in the first place?Ahaha!Nie lagi laa klaka.Okk.I just heard about some vaccine we need to take before we fly to egypt.Kenapa baru berapa arie je nk gi baru tau?Ahh..tu sume keje agent kteorg yang wat keje macam cipan ok.Tau pasal nie pun sebab ade mmber tanye doctor sendiri.So,we need to take a few vaccines like meninggococal,hepatits B and h1n1.yang h1n1 tuu tak penting sangat.lagipun kat malaysia vaccine dy pun tak banyak.Hepatitis B wajib untuk every med student sebab nanti kne come in contact with mayat laa ape laa.And meningococal is obviously untuk meningitis.

So I went to a clinic.Went to two clinics actually.The thing about these vaccines is that it takes time to get both the supply and the results.Meninggococal kne order dulu.Sebab besenye orang g haji baru nk shots tuu.Hepatits B kene screening dulu.Kalau antibdy da strong,tak payah amek shots lagi laa.So nk screening and order tuu amek masa atleast 4 days.And I'm leaving in exactly 4 days.[4 days!].So doctor tuu cakap "tak dapat injection vaccines,injection semangat pun bole laa k".

Hehe.He did gave me a few words that somehow I find it quite difficult to get it out of my head.Dy cakap,"nak jadi doctor ingat 4 bnde nie je".

  1. Mesti ada minat yang SANGAT mendalam dalam medic.Macam,kalau tak dapat wat medic tuu bole nanges laa.
  2. Mesti rajin!Kalau family and friends da labelled kte as rajin,memang sesuai laa nk wat medic.[errkk..alamak! =P]
  3. Kene banyak berdoa and selalu mintak pertolongan dari tuhan.Blaja medic tak senang tapi tak susah gak kalau selalu berdoa =)
  4. Kalau nak jadi doctor,make sure 3 bende nie tak terjadi pada you;
  • tak sakit or cacat.Kalau jadi camtu,camne nk blaja treat patients kan?
  • tak gila!camne nak treat patients kalau doctor pun insane?
  • paling penting,tak mati!nobody wants a dead doctor!

Ahahaha!klaka arr doctor nie.But for some reason,it's damn true.It may souds funny but it's so true.Dy cakap dy dulu pun bukan laa straight A's student.He was the first in the family that went to university.Sibling dy yang lain2 sume keje ladang getah je.And dy pun bukan laa datang dari skola sains ke mrsm ke.Dy skola kat tengah bendang je.But He was among the earliest that graduated from UM in his batch.Beating most of science schools and mrsm's students.He's not a top student or a best student but he never failed too!He became a doctor at the age of 24 and now he's 49.Running his own clinic and offering me a job!

Ahaha thank you Dr Azmi!Nanti kalau dapat call from number yang pelik2 tuu jangan ignore ok.It might be your assistant calling from egypt =P.Ahaha!Musyakirin awi.

"you don't need to be a stright A's student to be a doctor.You just need faith in God and yourself"

Sep 18, 2009

forgive me

Dear friends,

Ok.Maybe I wasn't being myself lately.With mood swings and all.But believe me,I didn't enjoy it as much as you guys did too.It's not easy for me facing all this alone.I might asked for too much and yes,I regreted it.I know all of you are having life of your own and I shouldn't be asking too much.So,forgive me.Seriously.I'm not being such a good friend myself and yet,I've been hoping for friends to be good to me.So yeah.Such a bitch aren't I?So,apperently,most of you are in JB now.I'd say,welcome home guys.HaHa.Good old JB right?I know.I'll miss that place like hell too!Raya nanti enjoy laa korang ye. =)

I miss dolce already.Been thinking about him every night.Cek dok hotel baik2 eah.Kawan laa ngan hamster kat citu.Dyorang tak gigit cek.I really miss you.Nanti kte skype sesama eah.Jangan kawan sgt ngan janda tuu.Dy nk amek makanan cek je.Bukan nk kawan sgt pun.I'll be thinking of you everytime I'm eating ayam ok.Sorry kakak tak jumpe cek before kakak fly eah.Love you so damn much!And don't forget me ok.Bosan nanti lepak laa bilik kakak.Soh abg ajiq bukak pintu.[mind me people.I love my cat like my own brother.I talk to him like I did with my brothers,excuse us]

I don't have much to say right now.I'm in penang now and not really having fun here.I can't get JB out of my head.I love that place.And the people there too.And having the thoughts of not coming back makes me feel so unease.Haisshh..Ape nk wat.Nasib laa.And I miss my gmn friends too.Lama sgt laa weyh tak tengok korang.Aku takot nanti da lupa muka korang.Hope to see you guys real soon.By soon I meant my flight day ofcourse.Uhh 10 more days to go.I'm freaking out o.0

Sep 16, 2009

Am I a paranoid or something?

Seriously.Help me.My back hurts so much.Felt like I can't walk straight or something anymore.Sakit dowh..[crying in pain].Yes.If you're asking me wether I've been packing.The answer is yes.In fact,I think I'm 85% done with packing.Never thought I could actually finished stuffing shits in that bloody luggage but hey I did.OK.Mind me my language.I told you.I hate packing.It gives me this sudden mood swings and it's pretty hard to get over with it.So yeah.I feel like shit again.

I don't understand it.I've been traveeling my whole life but why does this trip have to be so hard?I mean seriously,my friends could actually count how many days I'm in jb when in comes to school holiday.I went to kl atleast once in two weeks.I went back to kampung to spend like the whole school holiday.I'm used to check-in in hotels.I'm used with not having my bed with me.What is so different with this trip?Why am I feeling so lonely?Why can't my heart feel at ease?What went wrong?

I've been updating with few of my friends whom will be leaving with me.Ok.So maybe I'm not alone.They all felt the same way.None of us were actually looking forward for this raya.We don't give a damn about it and we're not even thinking of doing so.We would rather have a long ramadhan than raya.No one gives a shit about raya.Except the fact that we might not being able to come back for raya next year.Again,another items to add in the 'why-we're-not-enjoying-this-raya'.Crap.I can't get this shit thing in my chest out and it's bugging me.[Go away laa shit.Shoo shoo!!] back is really killing me.Cam nk nanges je.Da laa mood tak baik neh.Nk makan arr.Let see if I can find anything to eat dalam fridge.Jap ahh..Be right back.

[seriously,I went out for food.Damn relaxing when you have food by your side]

Good.I found kuih raya.Ahaha.Sorry laa eah mak.Nanti raya dida tak makan daa.Hehe =).[food never failed to make me feel better]

HaHaHa.OK.I'm being paranoid.Suddenly feeling much better after eating kuih raya.Sedap2.Ape nama pun tatau.Whatever laa.I'm feeling much better.Thank u dear kuih!I love you so much.You make my stomach feel so much better.Ok seriosly,I'm so paranoid.[muahaha laughing like mad].Stop it,dida.Shush!

Oh!!Johnnye depp lagi!Ahaha gourgeous sial mamat nie.Cam nak nanges tgk kehenseman dy dlm sleepy hollow.Kyaa!!Tanpa disedari I just add another reason for people to actually belive I'm paranoid o.0 I think I better stop before I'm talking crap again.

Anyway,this might be my last post in JB.Until next year my beloved one and only JB.I will always love you like no other.[I think I AM paranoid.Yargh!!]

p/s: will miss jb-rians like hell T___T

Sep 13, 2009

I feel like I'm totally invisible

I'm freaking pathetic.I mean how could I?What was I thinking?What the hell has got into me?I'm so damn pathetic.Whatever happened,let's just keep it to myself.It's just that I..I can't..I don't know what..Urghh!!I can't even spill it out when all I wanted was just to let this hellish thing in my cramped heart out.God.

I've been so[!] miserable lately and somehow I just can't let it out.I have everything I wanna say but I don't have anyone to tell it to.I can't find someone who actually give a damn about it.I'm so invisible right now. I'm right here standing in the middle of the road yet no one sees me.Everyone just walk past by me.What am I?Am I not worth to listen to anymore?

Alright I get it.I'm just freaking pathetic and I'm invisible.Good for me.I'll get a life of my own now.I'll live in my own world [if I can find one].Crap.I'm talking crap again.It's just that I'm..I'm just so ... uhhh... disturbed.This is killing me.People help me get back the real me that I really miss.Only if you still remember the real me and ofcourse,as long as you give a damn about it.I won't die without your support anyway.I can always look up to the ONLY one who never leaves me alone.Dear god,Allah.

Shit.I'm talking shit.I'm acting shit.And I'm feeling like a shit!Urghh!

Sep 10, 2009


I'm not being paranoid or whatever.I just have something I wish to just scream my lungs out and tell everyone whatever the hell I'm thinking right now.Ok people,here it goes.Johnny depp is just irrefutably unconditionally irrevocably super duper heart-melting freaking georgous!!Huh.Cair beb tengok dy in sleepy hollow.Tros mood jadi baik ahaha.Ok.Shut up.I'm beeing paranoid am I?Well,who the hell give a damn care about it.It's my blog.So,whatever.

p/s:what has got into me?!!I can't believe I'm posting on johnny depp in my blog at 0300am!Eeekk!o.0

Sep 9, 2009

I'm emotionally unstable

Ok.I know UPSR had started two days ago but I wasn't in any mood of blogging so I didn't post any.So my bother is currently squezzing his brain to the limit [NOT!] for his upsr.Haha lek arr dude.You'll realised it's not really a big thing to be concern about in no time.I mean seriously,do you still give a damn about your upsr result?I don't think any of us even care more our spm result now.You just simply go on with your life.But ofcourse,right now,it's a matter of life and death to you right?Hehe so umm just nail 'em down and banyak ckit doa yerk.Kurangkan DOTA tuu.Tade pekdahnye pown.[cakap macam laa dy nak baca blog nie].

Back to serious mode.Remember the rumour I posted a few days ago?I told my parents about it.I don't know wether it's the right thing to do.It's just that I thought they have to know what happen.After all,they're the one signing those cheques.But I did told them it was just a rumour.

But suddenly,the last thing I ever hoped to happen just happened.The rumour could be 80% true.Somehow,Egypt's ministry of higher education had decided to raise the fees starting this year to EVERY universities that accept students from malaysia.No valid reasons or whatsoever for the action but it was still under perbincangan.The university had been sending appeal letter to MOHE in requesting for the fees to remain unchanged for this year's students.

My agent told me it was not yet confirmed.''tak ade hitam putih lagi dari pihak wafdeen[Egypt's MOHE].Sekarang nie kami masih ikut official letter yang dari awl tahun lagi.Apa2 pun kami akan maklumkan''.OK seriously,kalau sampai university pun da antar appeal letter doesn't that make the rumour like 100% true?I mean,they won't thinking of butting in if it was just rumours right?God.Help me please.I really don't want to trouble my parents too much.

Mom cakap,''takpe.It's ok.We can still handle it.Cume try to get good results so nanti bole apply MARA scholarship.But you don't have to worry too much.We can still make this''.How am I supposed to not worry about this?The fees went up double for God's sake.And tu baru fees dy.Yang duit poket tiap2 bulan nanti lagi.Nie laa susahnye private students.Kene worry pasal duit parents.Plus,like I said,I have brothers in schools.Dyorang pun nak blaja gak.Nak pakai duit gak.Haisshh..Susah hati tol laa.Da laa nak fly lagi 19 hari lagi.

Worse,my dad told me we MIGHT not coming back to jb at all this raya.He said he wanted to stay straight in kl lepas balik kampung.Kalau macam tu,my last day kat jb will be next wednesday.I won't be seeing jb [and jb-rians] for the next a year.Mush ma'ul!!I want to come back here after raya.Please.I beg you abah.Please.Sekejap pun tape laa.Just this time let me be where I wanna be at the most.Please.

Sep 5, 2009

to pja

Happy birthday jah!Ahaha just sent you an sms.Hope I'll still be the first to wish you hehe.So 18 eyh?Looks like its quite a big number but hey,I've known you since you're as tall as me ok.Big or small,stays the same to me.Hehe.I wish for your happiness in life now and always.Remember those who care so much about you when you're not in your most sane state.Hehe there's always someone to back you up babe.OK?I'm saying this because I hope to be that person to always back you up.Even if we're not on standing on the same land,we're still under the same sky right?Hehe love you.Friends forever =).And may Allah bless you always

Sep 3, 2009

I can't believe this is me!

Ahaha just feeling nostalgic xDxD.I went through some old album this morning and I was so umm well,stunned.Haha not that I never saw my picture when I was a kid it's just that it's amazing seeing another bright and happy side of me that I simply don't remember having any memory of being one.When I looked at those picture I thought "I don't remember being so happy about living in this world without any doubt".Not that I'm always in misery or whatever but being a kid must've been one of the most magical time of a person's life.I wish I'm a kid again haha!xDxD

hehe so ada laa ckit gambar adik.Rasanya korang leh cam kot which one is aziq and which one is atem kan.Lagi rapat ngan atem dulu.I was already 6 when we had aziq.But hey,we got closer ok.Like duhh..We're family o.0 I used to hope for a sister.I wouldn't mind wether a younger or an elder sister.Sometimes I get jealous when my brothers were doing their boys stuff.maybe that's why I turned to be real close with my girlfriends.But umm things sort of a bit different now.I talked alot with my mom.And every stuff.Like shoes and begs,family thingy,our friends,new korean gossips and even boys.Yup,I talked about boys with my mom.Never thought it could be that easy.But ofcourse not every boys.Just a few.But you know how moms act when you started talking about those stuff.They turn out like umm what's the word,'mom-ish'?Oh well,they're just moms right.That's what they do.Hehe whatever it is,glad I found this pictures.Super cool!

Sep 2, 2009

an unacceptable yet forgivable rumour

I just browsed through my batch's portal and god I swear my heart just skipped a beat after reading an announcement.Giler bapak arr.Rase cam nak nanges je tadi.Or maybe I did cried.Terkejut la dey.Korang kalau nak tengok aku masok icu,silalah kuarkan statement yang sebegitu lagi eah.Felt like my heart just been flushed in the toilet!Please please!confirm whatever the thing you had with you first before posting it.That kinda stuff could kill me.Nasib baek laa c YY tu dengan pantas dan efficientnye kol gmn.Walaupun tanak puji lebih2 tapi thanks to him my heart start beating normal again.

There's a 'little' misunderstanding dalam fees ktorang.Tiba2 kuar rumours dy punye fees naek 2x ganda.Gilo apa.Da laa fees dy dalam Great Britain Pound.It turns out the fees stays the same cause our agent had some sort of agreement dengan the university pasal fees.Agent2 laen mungkin ade masalah.Kesian dak2 tu.Ade yang sampai kene tukar university because of the fees.Korang neh.Aku ade dua adik masih bersekolah ok.Ta bole pk aku sorang je nak blaja.I didn't even tell my parents about this.I didn't want them to be shocked or whatever.Even if it is just a rumour.I've troubled them enough.

hemm but think back,I know they didn't mean it.I mean surely they would've feel the same as me.Or maybe worse.Atleast they did told the rest of us.Imagine if we only know about this when we get there.Tak nak rase cam nak mati pulak kan.Sorry laa korang.Cuma rumours yang macam tu memang mencuakkan aku. T__T

Ok.Enough with that.Glad everything was just fine.Alhamdullillah.

Apsal laa lately nie asyik pk pasal twilight je nie.Cam tak sabar nak tengok new moon.But too bad,nanti kene g cairo nak tengok wayang.Yup.Kat mansoura tade cinema ok.Haishh..Tape2 tak mati.Fuh2!!Lagipun nanti bole usha2 reason to shop kalau kat cairo.Wee =) haha.Tak pun bole tengok kat alex.Lagi bes!Dapat lepak kat beach dy.muahaha!!

Berangan je lebih.Aishh niat da lain.Takle2.Niat leklok balik.G nak blaja ok.Bukan shop and habiskan duit mak ngan abah ye.Mintak2 jangan laa nak exam tyme new moon launched nanti.Amin.Haha

Aug 30, 2009

happy birthday malaysia!!

Congratulations!You're 52 malaysia!Sheeshh..You're old.Haha.Talking crap again.So anyway,I'm in kl [again] and probably just missed one of the most looked-forward event right now,which is our 'ritual' yearly buka puasa together.Yeah screw it.But I can't do anything about it.I wasn't in good mood the whole day.Da laa I haven't done with that stupid registeration lagi.Mampos aku kalau tak register lagi.Kang kene reject pulak ngn university tu.Adeh..

So umm I wasn't in good mood the whole day [thought I mentioned it =.= ] today,but not untill kira2 umm two hours ago kot.Had great time with new experience.Haha.I went to jalan TAR and just got back around 1100pm just now.That was my first time jalan2 [like really jalan2.Dari hujung cini sampai hujung sana!] at jalan TAR.I don't really like jalan TAR cause kat citu banyak endon.Tapi td nak cari tudung yuna so just went to check it out.[and I did found a few =) ].

Umm cam bese ofcourse,jalan TAR kalau nak raya kan kalah venice.Haha.It was so full of people.And off all kind.There's this store selling tudung,selendang,etc.Tapi yang 'menarik'nye,dy punye salesguys yang jual tu sume dress up in tudung!!Klaka gler!Gler ape dyorang tu.Abah cakap last year dyorang pakai baju kurung.And they were like standing in chairs and start shouting "tudung,tudung!!Meh tengok kak,abang,adik!Perempuan bole,laki pun bole!!" xDxDxD hahaha.Bodo arr.If you were to be in jalan TAR in this ramadhan don't forget to check this guy out.Dyorang nyer store dekat ngn semua house.Tak bole blah tol.

But,that wasn't the main reason why my mood got better.Haha but that was fun though.I saw a few cute guys!Haha seriously.They were like SUPER cute!It's been so long since the last time I actually found a cute guy randomly.But tonight,I found like three of them.Haha.Yang sorang tu memang unconditionly cute.Sampai sekarang dok ingat lagi.Haha.OK2.Shut up.[still giggling xDxD]. Ehem2 ok.I'm shutting up.

Hemm..I wonder how they spend the ritual buka puasa just now.It must be like super duper fun.Wait,ofcourse it was super duper fun.Duhh..You get to be with everyone you miss so much.Ape da.But I heard niesa just caught high fever.Heard it's a bad one.Kesian dy.I mean puasa2 sakit.She said she always had this homesick every two weeks.If I were to be homesick that soon,God knows how I'm supposed to survive in egypt.

Then I remember.In our forum,there was this topic "macam mana nak contact family di malaysia?".And there was this guy wrote "balik arr dua minggu skali.Cam korang slalu wat kat ukm dulu".Ahaha xDxD sarcastic gler.kalau bapak dy bole bayar duit flight bole arr.Aduhh.But there were other few ideas like "hantar owl arr.Cam citer harry potter","gune asap ke?antar signal bile nak contact","sorang blaja lesen ferry,kt ramai2 balik every month.amacam?" and so many other.Dyorang nie nama je nak blaja medic,tapi sume kepala cam giler.Tapape je dyorang nyer idea.But it cheers everyone up so we don't mind.Haha

p/s to diha and syarfa:bes arr bagi ikan korang makan =).Jangan marah tau kalau jadi gemok.My cat went fat too after a few month haha xDxD

Aug 29, 2009

30 days

Exactly 30 days.I'll be leaving in exactly 30 days.I don't care if people said i'm only exaggerating things.This is my life.My thoughts matters.And I don't think I'm just making a big deal out of it.This things matters a lot to me.I've never had the thought of having to travel with people I've known only for a few months to a land I've no idea how's it like in my whole life.So yeah.This is a big deal to me.

Think back,when I was in ukm,I felt excited by the thought of having new friends.New friends whom MAYBE will be with me for the rest of my life[ade doctor ukm cakap,ur friends kat U will be your friends sampai mati =.=].The thing that amazed me the most was the thought I had when I look at those new faces of my friends."These people are those who will be my friends in the next 6 years.Friends whom I will cry,laugh,angry,and fight with for the next 6 years".I mean seriously,how many of you already had the idea of whoever you will be living with for the next 6 years of your life.

But now that I'm home,I feel different.All those thought I had about my friends simply doesn't matter the most right now.If they're the one I'll be with for the next 6 years,then let it be.It doesn't matter to me.I'll think about them in that 6 years of my life.Right now,I just want to be with the people that had known me for ATLEAST the past 6 years.People who had been with me when I cried,laughed,angry and fight with.People who are important and matters the most in my life.I feel reluctant in leaving them soon.

I wonder how I would feel like to be in egypt.Am I still gonna feel bad for leaving those I love and care the most behind?Or will I overcome it and have one of the best chapter in my life there?Whatever it is,I'm just trying to say how much I love,care and cherish these people in my life.I love them so much!

special post to:
family:mak,abah,atem,aziq,dolce,maktok,and tok abah
friends:niesa,has,yan,pja,syuhaida,syarfa and many other..

Aug 27, 2009

I couldn't think of any title for this post

huh..penat2.I felt like my back bone just broke into two.I started packing my stuff just now.It's not done yet.I still need a few clothes,I haven't put in my handbags and shoes (which is so impossible to fit in everything.I might need a luggage only for my handbags and shoes kalau nak bawak sume skali),a few of household,my medical stuff and my books.But the luggage looks like it can't hold half of the stuff I haven't pack.I have two medium luggages,one hand luggage,one laptop bag and one handbag.Cemana laa nak bawak sume nih.Adess..Da la maximum weight cume 40kg.Takot je lebih nih.

I don't like packing actually.Simply because it means I'm leaving real soon.I don't know why.My heart just doesn't feel at ease when I'm thinking about leaving.It doesn't feel good having the idea of leaving the most important people in my life soon.So yeah.I don't like packing.But I have to.Dad said we need to leave one of my luggage at my aunt's house this weekend in kl.Or we might not have enough space for raya stuff.So I have to get [atleast] one of my luggage done packing before this weekend.I mean you can obviosly see how many luggage I'll have with me right?[I can't help it.banyak sangat baju nk bawak.HeHe].I can't upload any picture of my luggage here.I couldn't remember where I put my camera charger.Hmm nanti jumpe la kot..

So umm I haven't done with that stupid online registeration yet.It's so troublesome!Scan nie la,upload tu la,print nie la.Da la webpage dy asek error.Bile ade problem bukan main susah nak call orang gmn.And worst,the dateline is this weekend!Kenapa sume bnde nak dateline weekend nie?Yarghh!!It feels like my head's gonna explode in any second with my green brain[eww!!] scatered all over places everytime I did that registeration.Da la data form dy in arab.Enta uul eih?Ana mush fahim!! T.T.T.T

em em I couldn't think of anything else to write right now.I freaking tired but I can't sleep.Tak ngantuk =.=.And now I'm bored.Nak makan da tade makanan.Nak tengok tv abah tengah tengok animal planet.Don't ask me why my dad is still watching animal planet at 0145am.It's just him.I'm so bored =.=

Aug 26, 2009


Ape punye system nie dey?
Gmn pon satu.
Yang ktorang da bayar bebanyak tu wat ape?Masuk tabung amanah?
Come on people,we paid you to do your job.So get it done!
Kenapa ktorang kne wat sendiri lak?
This is just so ridiculous!
Bukan korang kne uruskan ke stuff like this?
I mean this is university matter,for God's sake!
You get us in there then you leave us halfway.
What the hell!
Da arr da kencing orang macam2.
HSBC(rm250),coat(rm100),and worst you guys told me pharmacy will be conducted in arab.My parents paid rm1000 to change course from pharmacy to medic.And in the end,pharmacy was thought in english.100% english!!
Ape nie?Hah?
Kata nak tlong bdak2 melayu.
Nie tak sampai egypt pun lagi korang da betrayed the trust we had in you guys.
Kalau kat sana nanti camne?
We are so close in leaving and you guys keep on making us worry sick.
Cuba wat keje ikhlas cikit.
I feel so betrayed.
I can't say anything anymore.
I'm so pissed off!!

sedikit announcement

I just wish to ask for your sincerely and dearly kindness to add me in myspace.Haha.I'm so lost just now.I have no idea how to add or whatever.Might take some time to get used to it.So yeah,umm rasenya da ta gune friendster lagi kot.Malas nk manage banyak2 profile and since korang active myspace lagi so nanti bole contact through sana k.Haha.Itu aje sebenarnya nk bagitau.

add me at =)

p/s:btol2 pening gune bnde alah tu haha

Aug 23, 2009

ukm,gmn student,short courses and ofcourse ustaz khalid!! xDxD

Since the boredom is really killing me,I thought of writing something about this short course I had a few months ago in ukm.It was an awsome experience for me though I've been there for only seven weeks.Hehe

Ok.First of all,this whole short courses was some sort of persediaan held for students leaving to egypt to further studies in medicine,dentistry and pharmacy.Since our classes in egypt will be conduct in english,this courses was just a preparation to learn to speak northern arabic language.Sort of only their slang without any proper grammar arab conversation.[macam blaja bahasa pasar dyorang r].It's much easier actually.I mean if you have the verb,you can easily construct the sentence.And the verb consist of only 3 arab letters.So agak mudah actually.

The first day in ukm I was so shocked to see the room.It was so beyond my expectations.The room is for two so you have every items in the room double.But the room was super beautiful.It was a new block after all and the best thing was that we owned the college.Masa tu budak2 ukm tengah break so campus kosong.And kat kolej ktorg tu cume dak2 ktorg je.Tapi kesian dak laki cause dorm dyorg jauh gler.Kene naik lagi 2 bukit after naik satu bukit yg kecuramannye kira2 45 degree.[yup.And we have to climb that 4 times a day,everyday!].Rasanya kaki kami by that time pun da cukup power tuk climb mount everest kot.

So the classes was simple.We had classes at Dewan Anuar Mahmoud also known as DAM every morning from 0900am to 1230pm everyday(mon to fri).Kuliah nie sume student blaja kat kelas yang sama at the same time and there were about 280++ of us.Masa mula2 tu crowded r dewan.Sape lambat kne diri the whole kuliah.Tapi towards the end,hampeh je dyorg tu.Banyak yang ponteng.[credit to me,I have never missed my class.Not once! =) ].Later in evening we had tutorial.It was a smaller class with smaller group of students.Ktorg dibahagikan into 7 groups.And I was in Tutorial 5[ktorg lebih glamor ngan tutorial kuwaiz haha].Most of us didn't ended up with the same crowd we used to when we were in tutorial.That's the purpose anyway,to get us to have as many friends as possible.

I didn't know about other tutorial but us,we had superb time in our tutorial.Especially towards the end.Ktorg kalau tengok dari luar macam losers je.Everyone was like 'who the hell is this kid?Oh right,dak tutor 5.Whatever...'.Haha dari luar pun very pasif je.We're not really the center of attention.Tapi kalau dalam tutor,gila2 punye ktorg.Ktorg gig malam2 pun dalam bilik tutor je.Tak kepoh2 kat luar foyer.Haha.And we had a very shy rais(leader).Said it was his first time handling such a big crowd.Haha.

Ktorg punyer 'class teacher' was ustaz khalid.He's an egyptian so rase cam cool arr dapat ustaz dari egypt himself haha.We spoke english as our mid language and umm he wasn't that good in english.[ops!ma'lesh ustaz hehe].But he was great.Funny guy actually.He gave every girl in my tutor a nickname.Said that it was egyptian habit to give nickname to girls.Mine was 'Lily'.Haha.He had something about him the whole tutorial never forget.He will start and end every lesson with the same line!He always came late to class everytime so he would say "ma'lesh2.Ana nisit.Ma'lesh awi.So how you today?Izzaiyik?Kuwaiz?Ha ha.Waheshtuni awi.Waheshtuni awi.Alashan ana bahit hukum.Ana bahit hukum".Which means "Sorry2.I forgot.Really sorry.So how are you today?How are you today?Good?Ha ha.I miss you.I miss you.Cause I love you guys.I love you guys.[egyptian usually repeat the same line over and over again].xDxDxD tak boleh blah arr ustad nie.Haduih..When class ended he'll say "khalas?Ha?Mesyi2.Ma'asalamah bye2".Which means "done?hem?Ok2.Gudbye.Bye2".Haha xDxDxD takkan ku lupa ustaz khalid.Aduh..Hehehe.Ustaz,waheshtuni awi!Oh and one more thing,ustaz nie suke ajar gune everytime dy masok,dy akan sroh muragaah[revision] balik ape yg da blajar in our last lesson.So basically,ktorg da hafal jadual2 yang dy bagi cause tiap2 hari mesti ulang balik sume jadual.Then habis muragaah dy mesti soh lukis jadual.He'll say "iktib,iktibi gadual.Ha.Ya Allah".memang takkan lari dari gadual dy.Kalau tanye dak2 tutor 5 sume hafal gadual2 tu.Hahaha xDxDxDxD kami anak didik ustaz khalid!

Haha then malam ktorg ade tutorial gak.But sempoi ckit la.Macam revise je ke.Or practice arab sesama ktorg.Or just having fun with ourself.Usually ktorg main game ke gig ke.Seronok >.< !Towards the end lagi la.Sampai kol satu pagi dok gig lagi.Paling tak pun dok lepak sesama.Kuwaiz2..haha trademark kami.Kalau dak tutor 5 kene panggil bebual arab kat depan time kuliah mesti last2 dengar dak2 tutor 5 cakap 'kuwaiz2'[good2].Salah ke btol ke lain cter.Yg penting kuwaiz dulu.Hahahaha.

So that was a little bit of my experience there.It was superb to me.I remember feeling so sad when the course ended.Since I left one day earlier,lagi la terasa.But macam dak2 sana slalu cakap 'ala aku nak berdepan ngan ko lagi 6 tahun.Ko takyah nak sedeh2.Nanti naik muak ko tengok muka aku'.haha true.i mean we're going to the same university and leaving in the same quarters.So memang nmpk muka dyorg je la.haha.Can't wait to see them again.Most of us dok merata kat malaysia so tak berapa nak jumpa sangat.But still online sesama lagi.Ktorg even ade our own web portal yang only joined by our batch.Cool kan?haha

Tulis sampai cini dulu k.banyak lagi sebenarnya nak tulis but da ngantok plak.I even have pictures.nanti post.I'll write about our so called 'dinner of the year' yang penoh dgn drama and controversy nanti.haha

Aug 22, 2009

happy ramadhan =)

It's that time of the year again!Wee haha.I guess I've been wanting this ramadhan to went by slowly so badly I forgot to actually feel grateful that I can still puasa with my family.I mean,think back,I'm sure those in college will have to puasa away from their family right?The same thing I'm gonna face next year.But hey,just wait until next year to talk about that ok.

So,umm I'm having my first ramadhan in kl.I don't really like it.I don't like having sahur at hotel cafe.The food sucks and I'll have to change my pajamas to jeans only to have a 30 minutes meal.Provide la room service time ramadhan.Ngantuk tau tak nk turun nek lif semata nak makan.Aduh..I face that every year.Nak buka nanti jangan citer.Sume tempat penuh ngan orang.Bazaar pun macam sardin.Tak masok ngan penoh ngan warga asing.Macam kat negara lain je kat bazaar tu..Screw it.Nak balik jb T.T

Yergh!!Baru kol 1100am da start penat.Aduyai how am I going to stay alive for the whole day?Eh jap.Nobody ever dies of puasa right.Ape da.Tak mati nyer.[why am I talking crap?]So anyway,ape lagi nak cakap.Oh yeah.Ade beberapa musykilah nak tanye korang nie:

1.korang balik cuti puasa tak?
2.exactly when is your raya break?
3.raya break korang sume same ke len2?

Hehe.To be honest,I haven't plan anything for my raya yet.So tak tau camne nak plan so that we can meet.Tapi insyaAllah puasa kat jb.Or maybe not.My parents had been telling me to visit my grandparents in penang and spend like one week or so with them before i fly.They said we might be in a little rush time raya nanti.I umm dunno.I wanna go but I don't wanna go alone.I want the whole family there.But we can't go there this holiday cause my brother will have his UPSR in two weeks.So camne..Haisshh..Alangkah bagosnya kalau kepala otakku bole berpuasa dari berfikir seketika.

Umm well,pape pun selamat ramadhan everyone =)

p/s to syuhaida:I tawu.Setiap kali I tengok kat my bookshelf I wonder kenapa tempat twilight still kosong.Can I pick it up before raya?Oh and I fly 29.09.09

p/s to yan:hehe great escape?I can't think of anything I would wish to be far away from.But ofcourse, sometimes life is just about sacrificing things you love the most.I'm gonna miss you guys like hell T.T

p/s:ramadhan tahun depan kat egypt?gulp!

Aug 19, 2009

Am I ready?[with BIG question mark]

Knowing that this blog will never be lost or deleted or torn or whatever,I was thinking,should I write something that I would wish to look back in 10 years time?Do i have something that I want to remember in 10 years time?Hell,ofcourse I do!Ape da.

Anyway,I was in my room when the question hit my head.I was like 'whoah!!what the hell was that?'.I have absolutely no idea what I'm feeling right now.I mean I have a lot to do but I just seems to can't get anything done.I can actually list down things I haven't do yet time is ticking so fast!

1.I still have a lot to buy for my household
2.I haven't discuss with any of my housemates about anything
3.I'm still looking for a few clothes
4.I haven't register online yet for international student and the deadline is getting nearer
5.I haven't finish my driving class
6.I haven't went to my grandparent's place yet
7.I haven't pickup my passport I left with my agent
8.I still need a lot of cooking classes with mom
9.I haven't even start packing my stuff yet
10.I haven't buy any of medical stuff I need like stethoscope,sphygmomanometer,dissection set and my lab coat [anyone know where I can find these things?]

See what I mean?And I'm leaving in 40 days!Honestly,I don't think I'm ready YET.I don't have much time left.I don't know how to be ready for all of this.I mean sure I can buy all those things I need in time.I can still finish my driving class and learn a few more dishes.But how about me?How am I suppose to be ready?What am I suppose to do to be ready?

The thing is,I don't feel anything.Or maybe I do feel something but I just don't know how to put it in words.Nevertheless,I don't know what the hell on earth am I suppose to feel right know.Should I feel nervous?Scared?Or maybe excited?Thrill?I don't know.I don't know this feeling but it bothers me so much.

You might think I'm overreacting.But here's the thing.Try imagining you're leaving the country,leaving all your family and friends behind,to a place you have no idea how's it like there,with your friends you've known only for the past three months,doing something you have no idea wether you can pull it off or not,in 40 days.Then,you have all the right to tell me I'm overreacting.

Anyway,umm I've always wanted to ask this to all my friends;

"how am I suppose to feel when I'm leaving for college?"

Aug 15, 2009

I am a freaky pimp with a hot boyfriend who got stabbed horribly by a bowl of cereal because I'm sexy as hell @_@

First, add "I'm a/an" on your title, then add the rest of the answers on as you do the questions. Tag 10 people

What color/kind of socks are you wearing?
[ ] Red = loud
[ ] Green = stupid
[x] None = freaky
[ ] Fuzzy = gorgeous
[ ] Yellow = innocent
[ ] Purple = a little too happy
[ ] Black = emo
[ ] Stripes = funny
[ ] Gray = skanky
[ ] Pink = preppy
[ ] Light blue = sweaty
[ ] Other = hot
[ ] White = sexy

What kind of pants are you wearing?
[ ]Shorts = cutie
[ ]Skirt/skort = skank
[ ]Corduroy = faggot homosexual
[ ]Tight jeans = scene kid
[ ]Ripped jeans = emo
[ ]Cammo = cage fighter
[ ]Jeans = prep
[x]Pajamas = pimp
[ ]Cargo = clown
[ ]Sweats = athlete
[ ]Boxers = brat
[ ]Booty shorts = female
[ ]Capris = Gangster
[ ]Nothing = hoe
[ ]Dickies = weirdo
[ ]Bikini bottoms = tiki girl
[ ]Other = sex addict

What is your natural hair color?
[ ]Auburn = that every one wants to make out with
[ ]Blonde = with a broken heart
[ ]Black = with a sexy smile
[x]Dark brown = with a hot boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ]Red = that likes to have fun
[ ]Brown = who loves to be different
[ ]Dirty blonde= with a nice ass
[ ]Bald = with herpes

Pick the month you were born on:
[ ]1 = who ate
[ ]2 = who needed
[ ]3 = who killed
[ ]4 = who shot
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[ ]6 = who smoked with
[ ]7 = who banged
[ ]8 = who ran shirtless with
[x]9 = who got stabbed horribly by
[ ]10 = who cuddled with
[ ]11 = who slept with
[ ]12 = who ran naked with

Pick the day you were born on:
[ ]01 = the kool-aid man
[ ]02 = a dog
[ ]03 = a shoe
[ ]04 = a toothbrush
[ ]05 = Santa Claus
[ ]06 = The Trojan man
[ ]07 = Barney the dinosaur
[ ]08 = a prostitute
[ ]09 = a porn star
[ ]10 = a bag of weed
[ ]11 = my lover
[ ]12 = a glass of milk
[ ]13 = a horse
[ ]14 = a lesbian
[ ]15 = a stripper
[ ]16 = a pickle
[ ]17 = a jew
[ ]18 = a homo
[ ]19 = an orange
[ ]20 = my mom
[ ]21 = a homeless guy
[ ]22 = a whore
[ ]23 = my crush
[ ]24 = an easter egg
[ ]25 = a jar of honey
[ ]26 = a condom
[x]27 = a bowl of cereal
[ ]28 = a french fry
[ ]29 = your dealer
[ ]30 = Paris Hilton
[ ]31 = your grandma

Pick the color of the shirt you are wearing
[ ]White = because I love marijuana
[x]Black = because I'm sexy as hell
[ ]Pink = Because the lil people told me to
[ ]Blue = because I have AMAZING boobs
[ ]Red = because I'm a pimp and your jealous
[ ]Polka Dots = because I hate my life
[ ]Purple = because I'm gay
[ ]Gray = because I got dared
[ ]Other = because that's how I roll
[]Green = because I'm good in bed
[ ]Orange = because I smoke crack
[ ]Turquoise = because I have a noodle in my nose
[ ]Brown = because I had to
[ ]Shirtless = because I've got abs

TAG: Sape2 yang bosan tahap cipan.Be my guest..

Aug 10, 2009

I'm suffering from TBD (Total Boredom Disease)

People,this disease is very lethal.Patients often suffer this disease due to lack of mind-using activities and a very serious boredom in every day life.You will first feel laid back.Your brain feels empty and lighter than before.Then,you'll started to wondering around your place not having any clue of what to do because you simply don't have anything in mind.In most cases,patients will ended up laying in bed with blanket and not too long after that,they'll be in their unconscious mind and stat dreaming without having any idea wether its day or night.

The early symptoms shows not too long after the patients were infected.But inventually,the patient will get worse.Here are some of the symptoms showed by patients with TBD:

1.patients started to feel light headed
2.patients will mostly wonder around the house
3.patients started to talk to whatever living things they can see(in my case;my cat)
4.patients will have nothing to look forward to
5.patients get excited when their friend text them and reply the text a few seconds after
6.patients started to do absurd things like...counting how many pillow they have in their living room or wondering where could the next volcano eruption will happen
7.patients will browse the same web over and aver again hoping for some new update
8.patients often hoping for something new in their day just to make it different from the usual.

In some serious case,patients can even turn to be totally different person.Say,they use to be a lazy bastard and a pain in the neck to the family.After suffering from TBD they happens to be the one washing the dishes,doing the laundry,cleaning the house and sometimes ever watering their mother's plant.The brain is just so empty that they don't mind feeling it up differently.

Research had been done,yet there is still no cure to be found.However there are a few treatments that can help the patients ease the disease.Patients can do so by online,chatting,blogging, or sms-ing.But the problem with this disease is that the patients seems to have no talking and thinking living things to be doing so.Some of them even ended up in posting a blog about mad and absurd disease in their blog!People,it is highly advised that we should take precautions to avoid this disease from spreading worldwide.It is believed that the best way to avoid it is by GETTING ON OUR FEET AND LET THE BRAIN WORK!!

p/s:mind me people.I'm in critical state.