Jan 28, 2010

is it the truth that hurts or the fact that you're not telling it that made things so hard?

I have exactly half an hour and that's it.Lepas nie back to thyroid gland.

Kenapa kn,susah sgt nk ckp kat org ape yg kte x puas hati or pape.I mean I know how it feels like and yes,it sucks.Big time.Tapi knp nk depan org tu pretend like xde pape but blakang dy only God knows ape yg dy cakap.Kalau rasa cam xle nk spill,TLONG jangan cakap blakang ye.It doesn't work that way.Ntah laa.Kadang mcm x bole nk marah.Tapi nk marah.Tp xkn marah.Kadang macam malas nk layan (ayat ikyn).Tp nk layan.Tp in the end,x layan gak.Ok.I sound like arabs. But,whatever.Faham x?!Pape laa.

Ok da.Jgn tambah dosa.Nak exam.Mintak maaf sume org.Pray for me ye.Ok.Back to thyroid glands.Ta~


Jan 19, 2010

life can turn you into a bitch sometimes

It really sucks when you were cheated by a bunch of money minded sluts who abandoned you from day one and surprisingly,never stops thinking of millions ways to make your life miserable.Seriously,I feel like flushing them down my toilet.


OK.Maybe it wasn't 100% their fault.OK.I was wrong too for not being alert with this kind of thing.Yeah.Blame me for being irresponsible first year student who happens to be thousands miles away from her family for the for the first time in her life and God knows how much she misses home!

Rasa cam nk bitching gler tadi.But thanks to a friends,I felt better.Really grateful someone can actually lend me his ear for a change.He's a good listener.Even over some things he had absolutely no idea what's it about.One thing about him that is so hard for me to get use to is the fact that he reminds me so much of this small warm place thousands miles away called home.Susah btol nk lupa rumah kalau cakap ngn dy n I don't know why!

Da laa.Tired of whining how difficult life is.This is life dida.Things happens.So just shut up and live it to the fullest.And NEVER forget the Dearest One who is always there for you.You are not alone.InsyaAllah..

Jan 12, 2010

free time maybe?

Maybe I kinda have good reason to blog tonight.I was stucked in front of kidney for 3 straight hours and I think I ought to have a break.Hihi

I was full and was finding a reason not to go to bed right now actually.Da laa baru makan,pagi2 buta,nk tdo.Mana x gemok.Haishh..

So,things went pretty much normal lately.I don't even know when it's not and when it is.It's pretty much the same.But,yeah.I'm on study leave right now.Till the 28th.So the house is pretty tense.Everyone is busy studying everything kot.Haha.It feels different for me when everyone starts shutting their doors everytime they're studying.It's not that I don't like it or whatever but I just felt like everyone is pretty much too busy that we don't even have time for a...I don't know.'Homey' stuff maybe?Like a small chat after meal like we used to have. Sume org excuse ourselves and get back to study.No time for gossiping or whatever.

Then I thought.OK.Nie baru final first sem.I mean yeah final is definitely a big deal but look at what it had done to us.Serumah pn jarang spend time da.Is this how it will turn out in future?As in we're working and everything?Or will it be alot worse?People said you don't have life when you're doing medic.I was trying and working hard to prove that was wrong.I mean ofcourse,we have lesser free time then everyone has but we still have time.We can still find some time if we want to.There must be a reason why God gives us 24 hours a day right?It must be just enough time for us right?

I really hope my life turns out just fine in the future.I'm always comfortable living in simple life like the one I'm living right now.And I hope I'll be able to make my family well,umm..shall I say 'full of love'?Haha.But seriously,no joke.I want my life to be full of love and happiness.

Jan 10, 2010

somebody help me

saya x patut d depan laptop dan blogging.
saya x patut chatting d ym

saya patut study sekarang.
and i'm leaving.
ok i'll stop.