Dec 31, 2009

happy 2010

Thought of posting something on the last day of 2009 but I lost tract of time just now.Too busy with my final case.Final!Yeah.Wait.We'll get into that just in a while.


A lot had happened in my life in this dearly and almost hellish year of 2009.Most of the important events in my life happened this year.And believe it or not,it'd come to an end.

Well,I don't wish to write back every single thing happened in 2009 right now.But,whatever happened,it ain't that easy to forget what I went through.Lots of new,happy,depreesed,scary,unbelievable,bitchy,miracle.Oh wait!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!ok.balik alarm just remind it's new year =P.okok. miracle..hopeless,surviving,leaving,meeting,surprises,missing and yeah I can keep the list go on and on.I mean,you get it right?I believe everyone faces almost the same thing just in different way.So no big deal for me tell it out loud mine.,2010.

Can't hope for much.I'm not usually the one with target.I just wanted to live my life the fullest so I won't regret anything here in this world and absolutely in the life after.I just want to be happy and make everyone around me happy.Cause I believe,when you're happy,you're full of love.And when you're full of love,obviously,you'll do your very best and never bitch around.Right?Ain't that is what people seek through all their life?I't's not that hard to get.But I believe people often waste it just like that.

ok.Enought with my self thought towards the world or whatever you call it.

Finals are just around the corner!Can you believe it?I mean.It felt like only yesterday my family sent me here and now I'll be having my finals in a month.And then I'll be in semester 2!InsyaAllah.My God,giler bapak cepat masa neyh!

Humm.That is pretty much what I wanna post this time.I just wanna wish my family happy new year.I'm sorry I can't text.I'm running out of kredit.I've been saving for my winter break anyway.Holidayy!Jom ge jalan! >.< [xle balik msia lepas gian holiday kt alex. =P].

to all my friends:happy new year guys!believe it or not,we're turning 19 soon,so yeah.Bigger responsibility,bla bla bla.I know.May you guys have a happy and blessful year ahead.InsyaAllah..

Dec 25, 2009

what is this?

I just don't get how this thing goes and it really kills my brain cells thinking about it.


ok.That's all I guess

oh.ym-ed with mom last night.miss her =)

p/s:I don't think I spent a lot every month but I always saved a lot less then I should be saving and I don't know why!da brp lama x bli shawl.window shop pn x lagi nk belanja.Dear money,why are you leaving me??

Dec 22, 2009

50,Jln Belibis 10

I miss home so much.

I miss my purple room.
I miss my bookshelves.
I miss mom's garden.
I miss dad's old sportage.
I miss our fridge.
I miss our living room.
I miss mom's 'taman bunga' inside that small room.
I miss mom's new flower arrangement.
I miss my brother's stinking room.
I miss TV.
I miss mom's most comfortable bed.
I miss my parents bedroom.
I miss my mom's little library.
I miss mom's korean vcd collection.
I miss our automatic washing machine.
I miss everything at home that I couldn't evern remember what I miss.
I've never left home for so long and I'm damn missing that place so much.
Da laa baru 3 bulan.I've got 7 more months to go.
I miss home so much.

p/s:that pic was not taken at my house.somewhere in my aunt's house.never even beem there.neway,wish my bros will upload some of my house's pics.lama x tengok uma..

Dec 19, 2009


blame this retarded GMN's internet for giving such an 'exclusive' service for us.I'm tired of hoping for internet everytime I turn my laptop on.Thank you very much.

Let see.Alot had happened all this while.Not much of a big thing but yeah, little-everyday-stuff.Oh!Had my mid sem exam and the result was,..umm I think I deserve it KOT.Ntahlaa.But things happened.Nothing we can do about it.bla bla bla.I'm just gonna focus on my finals now.Yoshh!Fighting!

Umm ok.Oh yeah..I'm totally crazy of shane west and 'a walk to remember' right now.Okok.I know that movie was so last season but seriously,I can't get enough of it.Copied it from daiya and was planning to watch it after mid sem but,hihi can't stand the wait laa.Hey,don't blame me.Shane west is too tempting!So I've watched it for atleast 3 times since mid sem.And was planning too watch it again after this case finished.Can't wait!

Guess I don't really have much to say.Miss my bros so much.Asal korang lama x on9?KL tade wireless ke?Soh abah bli satu lagi broadband laa.Cancel je kakak nyer.Bukan bole gune pun..

Btw,can't believe it's december already.Semalam da satu muharam.Happy new year everyone.May Allah bless you always and have a happy year ahead =)

p/s:can't wait to copy gossip girl from ikyn.tunggu hbs final eah.sabar eah dida