Jul 30, 2009

A bunch of friends is all you need to make your day

Jusco TC is so 'THE' place to hang out with your friends.And the best part is you never get tired of going there again and again and again!I know I just went there last friday with syuhaida.Tapi ismith cam da nak mati nak tengok harry potter (tak de la nak mati..saje exaggerating things).I asked him where to and he said tebrau city.

I didn't really want to go there at first.I mean I just went out last friday.Went out with parents on sunday and went out to school last monday.Takkan la that very wednesday nak kuar lagi.Besides,I have cooking class with mom that day.I asked mom and she said 'mak tak kesah.Ikut suka dida.But are you sure you wanna go out with all this H1N1 thing going on?'It took me quite some time to think about it.I mean that thing is something scary.With no vaccine or antidot or whatever.And its spreading through air.So i asked niesa and she said why don't we make it like our last time hang out.God knows when are we going to meet again.They'll be busy with their classes and by time they're having raya break,I'm getting ready to fly.Finally,I said yes.

So the journey there was another story.Pja punyer 1030am memang terbaik.She pick me up at 1130am.but I don't mind.Because I'm used to it and I don't have anything to rush.So sampai je sana ismith was waiting with HALF of a LARGE popcorn busket (ehem2 da makan dulu ke).Pja,syarfa and pja's cousin went to watch harry potter,me and niesa went for shopping.Ktorg da tengokla harry potter..ehem2.So I found a very cute wedges and bought it(duh..ofcourse).And niesa found a blouse.She was moaning about how her college having their dress code and all.Tak bole pakai baju atas punggung la,kene pakai kasut tertutup la.Sounds like UIA to me.I mean kiteorg yang nak pegi egypt pun ade yang tak pakai tudung.Why are these people have to make a big deal out of it?As long as ada pakaian je tak pe la kan..Hisshh!!

Went for Rasa Mas right after their movie.Ga'an giddan!Pukul 3++ baru nak lunch.Nasib baik da breakfast.Ciyan niesa.Kebulur tunggu dyorg.haha funny thing masa kat citu,masa that waiter nak place order he said 'Set C honey'.Kalau cakap laju2 dengar macam..Haha.You figure it out yourself.Merah muka waiter tu kot.After lunch went for another shopping.Mula2 ingat nak shopping sekali dengan the boys tapi pja cakap 'biar la dyorg.Kite pegi shopping kite'.Meaning 'lets get the hell out of here and do our own shopping'.Hehe no offence guys.Em em ape lagi eah..Oh!Remember that wintercoat I mentioned?The one yang syuhaida cakap it looks like lab coat tu?I went to try it.Cool gak arr..I don't look anything like astrounut at all!Yeah!!Syarfa pun ade try gak.Hehe ok tak?Kiteorg amek gambar tu laju2 coz akak yang jaga tu da stat kepoh2.haishh sebok je.Oh and yes.That's the wedges I bought.Cute2.

So that day balik lambat ckit cause mula2 ingat nak elak jam so balik lambat ckit.then da kuar around 0545pm pun jam jugak.Lagi la lambat sampai uma.Da kene marah ngan abah pulak.But I had fun that day.Cuma tak complete la yang keluar tu.Tak de has,yan,sya(miss you so much!!), jue,eman and nard.Tak tau la bila lagi nak jumpe korang.Kalau tak jumpe before I fly tak tau la nak jumpe lagi ke tak.Sebab I takkan dapat VISA until I got my student card and to get that student card,it'll take a year.So I can't go anywhere outside egypt for a year once I'm there.Raya tahun depan pun kat sana la nampaknye..Tapi tak pe la.Nak belajar kan.Kene sacrifice a lot.Everybody does.

I wish you guys all the best.Hope we'll be friends forever and I love you guys so much!!Thanks for being my dearest friends =)

I have a few shots in we took in Jusco TC.Korang kene tengok btol2.Especially gambar pja.So hillarious and so pja!!

p/s to syuhaida:I nak bagi you gambar you tapi I tak nampak you on9 pun.nanti nak on9 you btau
p/s:One thing that is good about this whole H1N1 thing,you get to get back to your family.My brother balik JB sampai selasa kot.Cool gler. >.<

Jul 27, 2009

back to school again..

Umm I don't know wether I had fun at school today.Yeah.Went back to my high school.The school looks like they're having extreme makeover.They repainted the whole building,they're building another block,they have air-cond in library now(curse you kak ram!orang da blah baru nak letak..) and i don't know wether the others noticed it but I saw kinda sign poster or something at every block.Sort of indicating them to something.But whatever.

So we met teachers,ofcourse.We chat.And chat.And ofcourse chat.Talked about well,..everything.Kiteorang jumpe pn tay,ally,pn soh,kak yam,cikgu noraini,kari,cikgu azniza,pn tarifa(no idea why is she so interested with us.It's not like she knows any of us) and umm banyak lagi kot.Forgive me for not remembering you dearest teachers.So I suppose like usual,dieorang tanye 'kat mane sekarang?','wat ape sekarang?','macam mana blaja?ok ke x?'...

Umm I went there with niesa,ismith,syarfa,zaharul,fahmi and fareez.See the thing is,everyone seems to have answers to every questions but me.I mean the only place I had gone to was ukm.Although being there,without any doubt was great,but I was only there for seven weeks for crying out loud!It can never be the same as those in matriks or IPTA.And on top of that,telling your teachers you'll be doing medic in oversea using your parents's money is not something to be proud of.So I just shut myself up when they started to ask those kinda question.And to my surprise,everyone didn't say anything to anyone either.That day ended up with only pn tay and kak yam knowing what's going on with me.Umm cikgu azniza did asked.Tapi I jawab.Bukan cerita.So it's different.And I don't think she'll give a damn care about it.So,whatever.

Huh..I don't know why I'm so messed up over this thing.I mean it's not like I didn't get any offer and stuck in JB doing nothing.It's just that it's not yet for me.Things will be different for me.I know that once I start touching that enormous,overweight and stuck-forever-with-me books,I will never have the time like any of my friends.I'll have different way of having fun,I'll spend my free time differently,I'll have different places to hang out,I'll probably even live in different world.Before that happens I just wish I could spend one quality moments with my dearest friends and loving every second of it.Is it too much to ask?I know I'm being selfish.But having the feeling of things will never be the same and the fact that I'm leaving real soon makes me think that it's not wrong for being selfish.

I guess some things just don't happen the way we hoped.And as for me,I'll have to find a way to bear it...

love you guys..

from left: fareez, fahmi, niesa, syarfa, zaharul.Front:ismith

Jul 24, 2009

just another story to tell

Great!!Finally went out with friend since er..god knows how long.Asyik 24 jam dok kat uma.Muka pun da macam dinding uma.So wnyway,went to Jusco tebrau city with syuhaida.Yup.2 orang je haha.Kalau ikyn mesti da cakap "macam lesbiannya..".Hehe.Ala dulik ape.Janji dapat tengok harry potter.Uhh..Finally dapat tengok.Tunggu berapa lama da nak tengok.Nak tengok kat mid arie tu cam impossible je saturday night.So like always Harry Potter was great.Especially masa harry cakap kt professor slughorn in whisper,"ssiirr!!". Wahaha.I couldn't hold myself.Rasa cam nk ketawa sekuat hati.Giler bapak klaka!!xDxDxD

After movie,went shopping with her.Mom told me to look around for wintercoat. See if I can find anything I like.And ofcourse,the right size.So I saw this very nice and sweet wintercoat at MNG.Lawa giler.Finally I found something that would not make me look like an astrounut when I wear it.Tau la kan,dengan my size,everything looks like they have some sort of a giant as their model.Sheeshh!!Syuhaida cakap it looks like 'lab coat'.Tapi I just love it!I only bought a cardigan in the end.It's good though.I need cardigans.Simple and easy to match.Then we went for another shopping.And another.And another.Like duuhh..Went back around 0445pm and sampai uma around 0530pm.Bgos2.Tak kene marah hehe..
Umm..umm..ape nak tulis tadi.Tadi rase cam banyak nak tulis nie da kering lak idea.Oh yeah!Check this out.My textbook.Berat cam uma!!Die nyer poket dictionary tu tak tau la poket baju ape yang muat masok.Da la tebal gler..

Jul 22, 2009

it's true when they said things changed with time

A lot of things changed throughout this year.Life was a complete stranger since the past eleven years.Most of it are just so... well,new.Imagine waking up early in the morning (kalau you consider 9am as early...) not having any idea of how to spend the next 24 hours of your life.Blarh..Bosan is the most perfect word for it.Masa awal2 tahun bole la like enjoy doing absolutely nothing beneficial kat uma.Nobody cares.Lepas result,things started to change.Mane nak pegi,nak wat ape,kenapa nak wat that course,blah blah blah...The thing that is kinda hard is knowing that every single friend you have just happens to be heading on totally different way as you are.Not that it's a bad thing or whatever.It's just, I said,new.We've been friends for so long and we'll still be friends ofcourse but this whole you're-heading-that-way,I'm-going-this-way thing is kinda new to me.

huh..well,i think that as long as it's not a bad thing then let it be.It won't bring any harm to anyone,right?Ok.So what's next.Oh yeah.Me ofcourse.Em..well I just went back from my kursus persediaan in ukm.takde la baru sangat.da three weeks was fun.bes gler friends,new places(bangi is full of malays.finally rase cam kat malaysia),new language(aiwa2.Ana dilwa'ty adrastu lughatul al-arabiyah ammiyah.walakin ana arif syuaiyah bas [entah btol ke tak nie.hehe]),ape lagi baru..but being there in ukm,meeting my future collegues,my batch of friends kinda sort of making me realized i really AM leaving for egypt.This is no kidding.I'm so leaving soon.And who knows how am I supposed to live there.Or how will i ended up six years later.Scary gak...But insyaAllah things will be ok.I'll make myself grateful with whatever I've been given.

My dearest friends out there,so darn miss you guys.We haven't seen each other like forever.Nasib baik ingat lagi muka korang.Hope you'll be succesful in this life.It won't be easy but we'll make it.InsyaAllah..

And to my future collegues,my dearest batch,I love you guys!!ahahaha...

Jakun sangat ngn bende nie tulis panjang gler.I guess btol ape you cakap syuhaida.tak boleh benti once da start typing.Whew...Hehe.Bub-bye then...

testing testing...

hehe..this is kinda cool haha jakun2.well..em em.. everything here is so new.I just spend like three hours just looking for layouts.Haha whatever.Nobody cares about your background or whatsoever.Em..ok. Honestly,I've been updating with my friends's blog couple of months ago.Yan,has,pja and ofcourse syuhaida.Don't think they notice it.It's pretty cool.Knowing what's been happening to them since everyone is away from each other.Yup.Currently I'm the only one left in dearest JB.I have a lot to write.But don't think people would write the whole story in one post.Especially not in their first post.Tak gempaq r camtu.Hehe i'll write whatever it is in my next post.That's it for now.Bb..