Nov 24, 2009

Am I asking for too much?

I miss everyone at home.Raya is so near and for some reason,I kinda feel sad for not having them with me.I feel so far from them.I know.I'm not supposed to even think of thinking something like this.But tell you what,try living hundred thousands miles away in a land full of huge and strange people and try stopping yourself from thinking about coming back home anytime sooner.It's just sad.Having this feeling of being far away.Too far from everyone at home.

Friends are great.Yes,I really thank God for that.I couldn't asked for more from them.I've no idea how am I ever will survive here without them.Things are hard.Well,ofcourse.But knowing that friends are here kinda make me feel safer,surviving,and just keep hanging on.

There isn't much I can really do about life.I'm just trying hard to hold on and actually make it in life.I can't afford to let my family down.They've done too much for me.

Okok.Dida.Enough with it.Get your book and start studying.Enough with all this mushy things.You've got a lot in your plate right now.Mid term exam in two weeks. T___T takotttt.Da eah.Sudah2.

p/s:tak sabar nk g bli shawl and cardigan baru.Yeay~ sempat lagi tu.Ish3 haha!

p/s to atem and aziq:nak balik uma maktok gak weyh.and make sure akem x amek tempat kakak.Hummpph! [pendengki gler =P]

p/s to daiya:hummm kalau chocolate boy vs habibi kat msia,i sokong ur habibi!haha!ok merepek lak.Sorry!just being honest hihi

p/s to ikyn:Aku sayang ko weyh.Jangan arr sedeh2 sangat,nanti aku pun sedeh =(

p/s to sabe:aku nk bli shawl and please make sure aku bli shawl.I need really need a new shawl.hihi

Nov 19, 2009

to this little dude of mine

Sometimes,things might not happened the way we want.Well,not sometimes,most of the time actually.So,went things just totally went upside down,look on the brighter side,everyone faces the same thing too!

Don't be too sad dude.Trust yourself.And most importantly,trust Allah.I know I may not be the right person to say this.I'm full of shits myself but sometimes,when things went totally upside down,there's always something brighter than the lights actually waits for you on the other side.You just need to walk there and open the door.

One thing that I never doubt in this life is that Allah never leaves me alone.So if He didn't give you what you want this time,He'll give you something else.Maybe something much better.He's not leaving you,He's just helping you in different way.Never stops praying cause He ALWAYS listens.OK?

Just chill out.Upsr is NOT[!] everything.I've seen people who used to get 5A's but was not in college and people with no A's probably doing something big in university now.So just forget about it.NOBODY is dissapointed in you.Everyone loves you just for who you are.Chill out ok.Nanti kakak balik msia kte g lepak tebrau.tengok wayang ke shopping ke whatever laa.I'll drive.Illegally mwahaha!Chill ok.I was never a bright student too.Kte sama je.Yang pandai dolce sorang je.Haha!

p/s:cakap ngn akem klu nk dtg JB takle dok tempat kakak =P hihi

Nov 18, 2009

It's back;the baaaa in me =)

Thank you Allah.
Thank you mak and abah.
Thank you atem and aziq.
Thank you maklang and paklang.
Thank you dearest friends-esp sabe,daiya,ikyn,kak mira and kak aula.

I love beautiful words.But somehow,I can't seemed to find any other beautiful words other than a simple plain 'thank you'.Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,thank you.Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick.And alhamdulillah,now I'm better and back being me.Thank you for being patience with me.Thank you for never leaving me alone.Thank you.And above all,thank you Allah ILYSM =)

To aziq,good luck for your result.Chill out ok.Things will be just fine.InsyaAllah. Just let me know as soon as you get the result.I don't care if we're 6 hours different and I'm supposed to be on bed.Just text me,miss call me,email me,comment me on ms or in my blog,buzz me or whatever.You're not living in a cave so let me know.I'll be waiting for you.Haha!Chill ok.You have my doa from egypt.Hihi insyaAllah.

p/s:I had nasi+serunding+telur as my first dish after I sihat.Hihi alhamdulillah =)

Nov 13, 2009


Kalau Allah beri aku peluang tuk makan even just one dish,
...................................................................Aku cuma nak makan nasi+serunding+telur goreng je.

Ya Allah,please help me get trough this.Please help me be stronger.Amin.

p/s:Aku tahu Allah hanya beri ujian seberat mana yang Dia tahu kita boleh menanggungnya.I just need His help.I can't do this alone.

Nov 10, 2009

I really need a handsome brain surgeon

I'm trying real hard here to actually post something.I've been writing and deleting for the past 15 minutes and I'm starting to lose my nerves.I have things to say but I don't know how to say it.And it's really bugging my brain!

I'm not sure how to put it but let's just try.Have you ever feel so stupid and idiot and brainless and so damn guilty for trying to help your friend get a girl?And supposedly that girl is your friend too.I mean seriously!For God's sake I still remember those times when he texted me LATE night just to talk about her.He replied me so fast when she's the topic.He even started and ended every conversation with her as the topic.And now?Don't even ask me what it is cause I don't freaking hell know.

This thing is really giving me a brain damage.I can't talk to him cause she didn't really talk to me.So I don't really know the real story.I can't asked him what the friggin' hell he was thinking if I'm not talking to him cause I don't really know what happened.See what this thing done to my half-damaged brain?I just can't do something and it's really rupturing my brain!

Ok.It wasn't always bad with this two lovebirds but sometimes things just got way over the line and I feel like a total idiot stranded on a deserted island not having a clue of what to do.

I'm trying hard not to take anyone's side cause they are both my friends.But I just can't do anything if I don't hear what happen from both sides.I'm not backing anyone.I just need to hear what they both thought and feel.Because for some reason,I think I'm starting to understand them and I need to think and act based on who they are.(seriously,if you're having troble to understand this,I get it).

Can anyone help me?Please?Or you can just find me a really handsome brain surgeon so I can be with him under OT for hours!

p/s:I'm starving but I can't swallow a thing.Dearest Allah,please lend me little of your ability to chew for me.Even just for a while.I begged of you.Amin.

Nov 7, 2009


I really wish I'm strong enough to get through this.I really wish I won't break apart.I don't know if I can really do this.Sometimes,I just feel like it's really tough and hard to survive here.

My sore throat ain't getting better.It had been like this for the past three days and it's really painful.I can't swallow anything.It even hurt just to talk.I need to go to the clinic.Even I don't know the risk I'm taking for going there.But I have to.I need some painkiller or whatever fast.I can't get my case done with the headache and this painful sore throat.And I have pbl tomorrow.Camne nih..

But thank God for giving me such lovely friends.I couldn't ask for more from them.They have been taking a really good care of me.If I were mom I wouldn't be worry for my sick daughter if she would have such friends.I mean seriously,they tried every single way to help me get better and I'm really grateful for having them with me right now.Things are hard here,yes.But having them with me somehow make things easier.So,especially to daiya,sabe and ikyn,thank you so much.Aku saaaaaaayang korang.And kak mira and kak aula too.Hihi.Nk group hug!Nanti aku habiskan makanan safwa and baby arip tu eah.Thank you!

For some reason I feel bad for not doing anything for them.I wish I can give something for them too.But I'm pretty much incapable of many things.Sighhh I must be soo pathetic.

p/s:to my two bros,enjoy the keropok pedas in kuantan.You have no idea how hard it is to get anything pedas here.So,be grateful!hihi

Nov 4, 2009

Nak matahari malaysia bole?

My head is killing me.
I'va been taking in like 4 tablets of actifast panadol for the past three days.
And my head is still burning.
My throat felt like swelling.
It hurts all the time.
I keep telling and forcing myself to get up and get working.
I just simply eat everytime I feel like falling asleep.
Atleast I'm awake while eating.
Texted mom last night.
Malaysia was around 0400am I think.
I can't stand it.
My head was really burning.
Sorry mak.
She gave me a few tips.
Tried it,and still,my head is burning like hell!
So I passed out around 1100pm.
I haven't finished studying.
I still heven't even touch anything on my second case.
And I have MCQ in 4 hours!
I'm so dead.
I wished they cancelled today's MCQ.
And I hoped today will be warmer.
Maybe something about the weather that boiled my head and burnt my throat.
Uhh I don't know..
I really should be studying on my cases.
Daiya and sabe seemed pretty well prepared.
I mean seriously,I bet daiya just slept like one hour ago after studying the whole night last night.
Mati laa kne condemned ngan arab nanti..

p/s:Seriosly,I need soxworld.Jom g cairo kawan2!

Nov 2, 2009

worse than a bad hair day!

This post was supposed to be on 1st of november.I'm a little late.Haha!
(please laa dida.who give a damn about it?duhhh)

My head is killing me.
It had been like this for the past 8 hours.
I have to stop taking in this brain function distortion and body regulation distruption drugs or I'll pass out in anytime.
But I need them.
To stay awake.
But I can't stand the side effect.
Felt like my head is burning.
Tak pena2 minum caffein kat uma sampai cini sebulan da terjebak.

Ok.So today's pbl was sucks.For real.Even our doctor commented that today's discussion was "very ineffective".Tak tau laa what's the consequence but I hope tak payah repeat.I'm sick of bacteria already.And I can't stand helminths.Geli!

My mood started off quite ok this morning untill I'm in pbl room.Mood spoiler btol.Salah sangat ke?Tak memahami laa!Just because you're 2 weeks earlier than me did not prove in any way that you're better than anyone.Uhh!Da laa.Malas nk tambah dosa yg da byk nie.I can look for help from others laa.I can even find it for myself.It's ok kalau tak nak bagi pun.Just don't let the bitch in me talking cause you won't like it.I still have my patience with me right now.

And seriously,I just don't get the arabs laa.I mean ok fine if you wish to point out your fact.But do you mind show a little respect to the person who's supposed to be pointing their fact?I mean,manners please!We don't mind arguing over a fact just don't simply butt in rudely in the middle of the discussion.Nanti kuar the "shut-your-damn-butt-up-and-listen-to-me-talking" part kuar from us,nyesal satu group ngan malizi.

Uhh!Cabaran btol arr.I hope for no arabs in my group for next sem.I can't stand them laa.Rude gler kot.Kalau yang baik tuu scarily baik sampai nak cakap bye pun susah.Ntahlaa.Krisis hidup btol.All I know,I just want some sleep.My head is boiling and I'm freaking cold!Nak tido sebelah daiya laa.Boleh daiya?Haha!

p/s:camne nk masok toilet nie?Frost bite laa kaki nie T____T