Oct 30, 2009

I need soxworld

internet nie tekanan!

adehh..Ok fine.bersyukur dida..

So,umm pbl was ok kot.But I missed two cases so there's a lot of catching up to do and so little time!My third case was ok.Just left with two more objectives and I'm done.Hurrah!But I have MCQ this sunday.Adehh baru berangan nak tengok ugly truth arie nie.

Umm I don't know why but I really wish to talk to some stranger I met on street and just tell her/him whatever I'm feeling right now.I can't find the person who actually wants to listen to my crap about crap things.So I thought "why not go to a stranger and tells everything.after all she's/he's just a stranger.she/he won't judge me".Kan?Nak cakap ngan someone I know punye susah.Cakap ngan arab pun tape.Dyorang tak paham ape kte cakap and vice versa.Nak kutuk pun bole depan2.No hal.


Ok enough with the drama and everything.I should start working on my case right now.Microorganism and antibiotics,mana nak cari..adehh.berusaha dida!fighting!

p/s:nak mandi tapi tak sanggup nak bukak socks nie.Sejukkkkk!!

Oct 27, 2009

bening kebala..

Umm ok so manchester was ok.kot.Atleast until today.Esok ade pbl and I have no idea how that thing actually works.Da laa half of the group arab.Mesti kne penyek ngan dyorang. T__T.Eh tak2.I can do this.I may be small but I'm not weak.Fighting!

But somehow system dy pelik and very [!] different from regular.Kalau regular tuu sampai begging doctor soh benti.Macam tepu otak dengar lecture 5 hours straight.Da laa doctor dy punye english gler arab btol.And being there in those classes,made me really understand why doctor's handwriting suck.Mine was getting worse too.Haha.Yelaa.Yang dy tau dy tulis sama speed dengan yang dy cakap.They didn't give a damn if you don't have any clue what they're writing.But ofcourse you can always come to them anytime in the department laa.

Manchester.Hihi.Nak ketawa pun ade gak.Class dy approximately 2 jam sehari.Satu minggu dapat satu case and you'll solve the case with you're group.Tapi lecture dy sehari sejam je.Like baru nak warm up da habis daa.Macam tak sempat nak ngantuk.kalau regular,tak minum nescafe,memang by 0300pm da start mimpi.Haishh but my group ntahlaa.I have no idea who they are and how they get things done.Tengok laa dulu camne nanti.I can do this.Fighting!

Urghh!!I still have two unsolved cases and I'm getting new case tomorow!T__T kne nescafe lagi ke nie?I need a stronger but a less effect drug.Ikyn,prescribe something tuk aku."To be a pharmacist is to love drugs".Haha.Kem salam je laa lecturer ko..

Huh..da tatau nk tulis ape.I really should get my case done.Bening kebala arr.Baru sehari miss nescafe da kne effect.Adehh..

p/s:alamak lupa nk bli pendrive lagi.Da gelap pulak..

Oct 25, 2009

tortous emotion

First of all,

Daiya,please update your blog.Now.Dilwa'ty.

Ok.Serious mode.Huhh..I'm so not in the mood for blogging but I really need to spill this hellish and whatever-ish thing inside my damn pumping organ in my chest.Tak kira laa muscle ape nk contract or relax.Just wish to let it out.Huhh..

I change my course just now.I don't know why but I kept thinking whether I'm doing the right thing or not.I'm still doing medic.Yes.Tukar program laa actually.Mom had been asking me to change since the past a week but I said no.I thought I can do a regular program.Tapi..Ntahlaa.I don't get it.Tak sempat nak sembahyang istikarah pun.Pape laa.InsyaAllah I'm on the right track.I'll pray hard for His help.

Ok.Da.Nak cakap tuu je.Suddenly my pumping organ works better now.Impulse sampai kat spinal chord dengan btol kot.I don't know.Whatever laa.My brain and body works just fine.InsyaAllah.My bones je yang tak grow.Sighh [tetiba emo.I don't get it].

I'll stop before I start crapping again.See ya.


Mom's leaving today.I'm not really as sad as I was in KLIA but still.I have no idea when I'll see her again.I'll miss her.

Yes.Mom came to cairo last monday and was in mansoura for around 5 days before she went back to cairo and then back to KL.Not much time together but still she flew thousands miles and spent thousands on this trip.And we spent good times together to.Haha.

Dapat makan kari!Yeah.So malaysia!Haha.Heaven kot dapat makan kari mak.Went shopping for some groceries too and was so missing those times when I don't need to price check on every items before buying it.Sigh.Me and housemates went for an over night at mom's hotel.Tak tau laa camne nk describe that night.Let's just let it be between people involved that night ok.

Urghh..Felt so sinful for being infront of the laptop instead of my books.But I can't resist it.Pagi2 laju internet dy.Lagipun I just wanna post ckit je.Nak try upload gambar if possible.Hehe.Uhh I miss malaysia.I miss abah,atem,aziq and dolce like hell.Ok2 stop it dida.Da2.

Hemm I'm out of words to say.I'll just try uploading my pics laa.

p/s:none of the pictures taken was in my place.haha.nanti laa amek gmbar dapan gama'ah.Haha!bek straight g galak aje =P

Oct 19, 2009

umm have a lot to say but I can't seem to find the words.ok.start balik.umm.hibernating sekejap.

ok.ok.annoyed.I'm in egypt(HaHa!ape nyer intro nie).3 weeks of totally hibernating in a totally strange land full of totally strange people.Haha.Ok.ehem2.get a grip dida!

I'm speechless,wordless but I have everything to say.

okla.I'll make it quick k.mereka nk balik da.

hi to every homies.haha.miss you guys so damn much!
hi and hugs to my family.especially mom,dad and bros!love you guys like hell!

ok.ok.da tatau nk cakap ape daa.hibernating.bye guys..