Jan 12, 2010

free time maybe?

Maybe I kinda have good reason to blog tonight.I was stucked in front of kidney for 3 straight hours and I think I ought to have a break.Hihi

I was full and was finding a reason not to go to bed right now actually.Da laa baru makan,pagi2 buta,nk tdo.Mana x gemok.Haishh..

So,things went pretty much normal lately.I don't even know when it's not and when it is.It's pretty much the same.But,yeah.I'm on study leave right now.Till the 28th.So the house is pretty tense.Everyone is busy studying everything kot.Haha.It feels different for me when everyone starts shutting their doors everytime they're studying.It's not that I don't like it or whatever but I just felt like everyone is pretty much too busy that we don't even have time for a...I don't know.'Homey' stuff maybe?Like a small chat after meal like we used to have. Sume org excuse ourselves and get back to study.No time for gossiping or whatever.

Then I thought.OK.Nie baru final first sem.I mean yeah final is definitely a big deal but look at what it had done to us.Serumah pn jarang spend time da.Is this how it will turn out in future?As in we're working and everything?Or will it be alot worse?People said you don't have life when you're doing medic.I was trying and working hard to prove that was wrong.I mean ofcourse,we have lesser free time then everyone has but we still have time.We can still find some time if we want to.There must be a reason why God gives us 24 hours a day right?It must be just enough time for us right?

I really hope my life turns out just fine in the future.I'm always comfortable living in simple life like the one I'm living right now.And I hope I'll be able to make my family well,umm..shall I say 'full of love'?Haha.But seriously,no joke.I want my life to be full of love and happiness.