Mar 30, 2010

screw you dyda!

this is seriously uncool -.- .seriously,SERIOUSLY! i don't like this.not anywhere near the word fact, if i can find word meaner then hate,i'd use it.

can someone,anyone tell me something?am i the kind of person who get pissed of or angry at something easily?because i think i get pissed off quite often this few days.i know my FSH and LH are not quite helping with the mood swings and all but seriously,i was pissed over something so small i couldn't even believe that i can actually get pissed over that thing.

and now.i really hope there wouldn't be any misunderstanding.because i surely have no idea how to explain things and i'm scared things will just get ignored,everyone acts like nothing happen and then there's this awkward thing going on. x suka laa unsolved things!tergantung mcm tu.. probably wasn't a big thing,i think, GET OVER IT DYDA!LIKE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY BETTER THINGS TO DO?SAY,HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOUR MID SEM EXAM NEXT WEEK??uuurrggh!!screw me!

tdo lagi baik -.-