Feb 27, 2010

hahahahahahahahahaha ok seriously,this ain't that funny but I really feel like laughing right now.

Tadi,sangat random.Btol.Macam,apakah..hahahahaha.

Ok.Supposedly ade talk tadi tuk manchester student sem2.I didn't even know there were fliers.Tau by facebook je.Haha.Then supposedly,start at 0730pm tp kol 0800pm baru nk start datang.Terbaik nyer doctors.Ok,so supposedly,I thought the talk was going to be maybe around an hour je.Tapi abang senior tu membebel mak aih..da laa cam sengal2.nasib baik it wasn't a boring one.So,bla bla bla..lapar gler laa.Tak makan pape cause I puasa.Early that day planning nk makan at this new cafe melayu baru bukak kat citu.then,i realized i was out of cash.i mean seriously.i only have 20 geneih and that's it for the whole month.nasib baik tinggal dua arie je lg.

So,i thought i might not want to go to this cafe and just eat a bunch of roti and cereal kat rumah.But ikyn and daiya pujuk2 so macam ok laa.i'll go.

Pastu sampai that cafe,it was ok kot.better then gmn or nusan or rumas.there were even ice blended there!but it was freezing cold so i decided to have hot choc the only menu available was nasi cam..ok laa.makan je laa.lapar lgpun.who cares.

bla bla bla then things start to get random because seriously,i have never seen orang2 yg bekerja kat cafe tu around mansoura before.i have absolutely no idea dyorg datang dari mana.i mean yelaa..dyorg orang camne timbul kat mansoura pn xtau.da laa mansoura.

plus,mereka2 yg jumpa kat sana pn random gler.abang senior yg bg speach td pn ade.hahahahahaha see i told you it's nothing funny.i just feel like laughing.

So anyway,classes da start semalam.pbl first group was,..well i duno.i don't have any issue with any of's just seems that the group was rather entah..i can't find the right word laa.So pape laa.hahahahaha [again dida.NOT funny!]So,umm nothing much left to say.Yossshhhh!!for my second sem!

:) [still laughing and had no idea why hahahahahahahahaha]